Following Microsoft’s decision to offer extended support for Windows® 98 through June 2006, Corel today announced a campaign to attract Windows 98 users to WordPerfect® Office 11. As part of this campaign, Corel will extend a special offer to Windows 98 users, allowing them to upgrade to WordPerfect Office 11 at a reduced price while retaining their current operating system.

Offering advanced file sharing, PDF publishing and document formatting capabilities, WordPerfect Office 11 is optimized for Windows 98 in addition to Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows NT(i). The equivalent office suite from Microsoft, Office 2003, does not support Windows 98.

“WordPerfect Office 11 provides Windows 98 users with an outstanding choice,” said Derek Burney, Chairman of Corel. “Corel offers a full-featured, enterprise-ready office suite that can run on Windows 98 and that provides the up-to-date features users need to remain competitive in 2004. Thanks to Microsoft’s extended support for Windows 98, users can now stay, fully supported, with their current operating system and still choose to upgrade to a cutting-edge office suite in WordPerfect Office 11.”

“There are 39 million users of Windows 98 worldwide, and the latest version of Microsoft Office doesn’t address that market,” said Richard Carriere, Director for Office Productivity at Corel. “WordPerfect remains one of the world’s favorite office applications, and we believe that Windows 98 users will be pleased to have an alternative upgrade path to an advanced office suite like WordPerfect Office 11.”

Promotion Details

Corel’s limited-time Windows 98 promotion allows users of Microsoft® Office 97 or higher, Microsoft® Works and Microsoft Works Suite 2000 to purchase WordPerfect Office 11 at the upgrade price of $149.99 US – $150 US off the suggested retail price. Customers can access this special promotion through Corel’s online store at

Customers buying at retail are eligible to upgrade to WordPerfect Office 11 from Microsoft Office 2000 or higher, Microsoft Works and Microsoft Works Suite 2000 for $149.99 US (suggested retail price) where ever WordPerfect Office 11 is sold. For a directory of WordPerfect resellers, please visit

WordPerfect Office 11, launched in April 2003, is available worldwide in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portugese. Available at prices much lower than Microsoft’s, WordPerfect Office 11 has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $299.99 US. The upgrade edition of WordPerfect Office 11 has a SRP of $149.99 US, while WordPerfect Office 11 Education Edition is available at retail and at leading academic resellers for $99.99 US (SRP). Prices may vary by region.

For more information on WordPerfect Office 11, please visit

Licensing inquiries can be directed to or Corel customer service at 1-877-652-6735.

(i) With appropriate service packs installed. WordPerfect Office 11 runs on Windows 98 SE, Windows XP SP1, Windows 2000 SP3, Windows Me and Windows NT SP6a.