Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference —MultiGen-Paradigm®, Inc., a leading provider of realtime 3D software solutions, announced MultiGen® Creator™ v2.6 for SGI IRIX. Creator is a comprehensive toolset that enables rapid generation of optimized object models, high-fidelity site-level terrain and synthetic environments for use in realtime 3D visual simulation, urban simulation and general visualization applications.

MultiGen Creator v2.6 for IRIX includes the all of the productivity enhancing tools introduced in the Microsoft® Windows® version released earlier this year, including the Plus tools, which make elemental geometry construction quick and flexible, automatically texturing as they build with the user in total control of the complexity of the geometry. The Rapid Process Modeling™ (RPM) Wizard tools shift the work of creating entity models from a typical step-by-step tool process to one that is output-oriented so 90% of the essential work is done in 10% of the time, allowing the modeler to concentrate on refinement rather than base construction. In addition, this latest release also delivers the Texture Power Tools, as well as the new Light Points Systems Palette which extend Creator and OpenFlight® into new uses that flow as an integrated and innovative solution to Vega Prime without making data proprietary in the process.

“SGI is pleased to have MultiGen-Paradigm’s Creator 2.6 realtime 3D modeling toolset supported on SGI’s high-performance IRIX platform,” said Tony DeVarco, Strategic Partner Manager, SGI. “Users of MultiGen-Paradigm’s Creator toolset and Silicon Graphics® visual workstations have had a long and highly productive history together modeling in 3D the most demanding objects, high- fidelity terrain and synthetic environments. We are excited to see this latest version being offered worldwide to our mutual customers in the modeling and simulation market.”

“The new technologies delivered in Creator 2.6 have been well received by the community of Creator users,” said Todd Griffith, MultiGen-Paradigm’s product management director for MultiGen Creator and OpenFlight. “These tools are an example of our continued commitment to delivering productivity enhancing solutions tailored for the visual simulation community, as well as improved model aesthetics, all contained in an open standard format, already well adopted by the industry.”

Pricing and Availability

MultiGen Creator v2.6 is currently available for Microsoft Windows XP Professional and 2000 Professional and will be available for SGI IRIX users by the end of 2003. For pricing and upgrade information, contact your local sales representative or distributor or visit for further information.