McAfee, Inc., the leader in Intrusion Prevention and Security Risk Management, announced the launch of the McAfee Virtual Technician, an interactive and virtual tool that provides McAfee corporate, home users and McAfee SecurityAlliance Partners in support of their customers with real-time diagnosis and solutions to common technical support issues. The McAfee Virtual Technician is an industry first for its level of interactive service and faster resolution in the corporate environment.

“The McAfee Virtual Technician has proven to be a tremendous benefit to our customers and to our company,” said Pat O’Neal, chief executive officer at Sento Corporation. “We were surprised by the number of customers who called to comment on how well the MVT solved their issue. And for those customers who took the next step and spoke with a support representative, the time to resolution was decreased because the representative had access to critical information gathered by the McAfee Virtual Technician.”

As part of the McAfee Virtual Technician service, diagnostic information is collected by the McAfee Virtual Technician, in which recommended actions are presented to the user. The McAfee Virtual Technician can be accessed through the McAfee ServicePortal at

“Research has shown that customers are looking for more self-help options that provide quick and accurate answers to common issues,” said Lambert Walsh, senior vice president Worldwide Customer Service and Support of McAfee. “McAfee elevates self-help options with McAfee Virtual Technicians, making interactive support feedback and advice accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world, so customers can take the appropriate next steps specific to their issue resolution needs.”