MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular open source database, today announced that MaxDB? by MySQL has been released. MaxDB is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database that offers high availability, scalability and a comprehensive feature set. MaxDB complements MySQL AB’s flagship MySQL? database, extending the company’s market reach to large mySAP ERP environments and other applications that require maximum enterprise-level database functionality.

MaxDB by MySQL is a re-branded and enhanced version of SAP DB, SAP AG’s (NYSE: SAP) open source database. Through a technology and cross licensing partnership with SAP AG announced on May 27, 2003, MySQL AB has acquired full commercial rights to develop and market future releases of SAP DB. Today, about 5,000 customer installations are using SAP DB technology globally, including Intel, DaimlerChrysler, Braun, Bayer, Colgate, Yamaha, Deutsche Post (the German Post Office) and Toyota South Africa.

“MaxDB addresses the needs of corporations that require an enterprise database with a complete feature set,” said Marten Mickos, MySQL AB CEO. “Driving cost from IT operations is a strategic priority for organizations today. With the MaxDB and MySQL databases, enterprises can ‘rightsize’ their database usage for enormous cost savings without having to compromise on features, performance or reliability.”

MaxDB joins MySQL AB’s flagship product, the MySQL database server, in the MySQL AB database product line-up. The MySQL database is a high performance relational database management system that is noted for its speed, stability and ease of use, while MaxDB is certified for SAP applications and includes features such as stored procedures, triggers and views, for the most demanding enterprise use.

MaxDB 7.5 Supports all SAP Solutions
The first release of MaxDB, version, represents a continuation of the code line in SAP DB version 7.4. MaxDB is production version software that has been extensively tested and proven to run all SAP solutions.

In addition, MySQL has released an alpha development version of a MySQL Proxy, a standalone software program that facilitates interoperability between MaxDB and the MySQL databases. With the MySQL Proxy, users can utilize familiar MySQL database clients to transfer data between MySQL and MaxDB databases. A “development” release of software from MySQL AB is intended for use by the developer community but will continue to evolve over a few months of testing.

MaxDB version (and higher) supports the MySQL Proxy and is now available in an alpha development release on both the Windows and Linux operating systems. With this version, users can build applications using both the MySQL and MaxDB databases together. Other new features introduced in MaxDB are snapshots, archive tables and MaxDB replication.

“SAP DB is a world class database which is a strong foundation for our SAP applications,” said Klaus Zimmermann, SAP Adminstrator and Principal IT Administrator at TDS Informationstechnologie AG. “The initial enhancements to the SAP DB technology with MaxDB are important, and we’re looking forward to even faster development of this enterprise database as MySQL’s MaxDB.”

MySQL- SAP Partnership
MySQL AB is an SAP AG Global Technology Partner. MySQL is working with SAP to improve upon existing open source software to bring low-cost, enterprise-grade database technologies to the enterprise. The companies jointly develop and support MaxDB by MySQL, with MySQL taking the product management lead, and both MySQL and SAP offer MaxDB to their customers. MySQL and SAP are also collaborating on developing a future MySQL enterprise database that leverages the unique strengths of MySQL and MaxDB.

“MySQL AB is a leading database vendor, with millions of active developers and users in its open source community that will energize MaxDB development and grow MaxDB’s customer base,” said Karl-Heinz Hess, Extended Management Board SAP AG. “MaxDB supports an impressive portfolio of SAP applications and complements SAP’s technology stack. We are working with MySQL AB to ensure that SAP customers have access to a top quality and low-cost database technology now and in the future.”

MaxDB Availability, Licensing and Pricing
Starting today, all downloads, documentation and other information for MaxDB and the MySQL Proxy are available from the MySQL Web site at The SAP DB Web site at has been moved and integrated into the MySQL site. SAP DB version 7.3 and 7.4 will be offered for download from the MySQL Web site until March 31, 2004.

MySQL AB is offering MaxDB under the MySQL “dual license” business model. The complete MaxDB offering will be provided at no cost under the free software/open source GNU General Public License (GPL) and also under a warranted commercial license. The commercial license is aimed at commercial customers and software vendors.

A MaxDB commercial license is priced at $49 per named user, on single-CPU systems with a minimum of five users. Alternatively, customers may choose to pay $1,490 per CPU. Both SAP AG and MySQL AB will provide technical support for commercial customers of MaxDB.