Magic Software Enterprises, a leading provider of state-of-the-art business integration and development technology, announced today the release of V1.5 of its iBOLT Integration Suite, at the Gartner Group’s Application Integration and Web Services Summit Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The latest iBOLT release focuses on expanding functionality for enhanced business process management (BPM), development, execution and testing, and business activity monitoring (BAM).

Addressing The Most Challenging Requirements Of Today’s Organizations
iBOLT V1.5 is designed to address the most challenging requirements of today’s organizations to integrate strategic business processes that may span multiple applications, geographies and trading partners. iBOLT V1.5 addresses the concerns of CIOs and IT managers looking to reduce complexity and cost of integration, while leveraging, rather than replacing, current IT infrastructures.

“iBOLT V1.5 provides organizations with cost-effective integration and development, while enabling the control of their strategic business processes that cut across functions, technologies and data stores for more powerful business results,” said Avikam Perry, vice president of research and development, at Magic Software. “iBOLT intensifies the use of metadata to provide the abstraction levels and robustness required to support change and agility. iBOLT’s support for business activity monitoring (BAM) provides on-the-fly business process configuration, enabling real-time data to be quickly analyzed and converted into practical solutions, thus materializing the benefits of integrated business environments.”

iBOLT provides organizations with a complete integration environment that supports the entire spectrum of business process management (BPM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects from architecture design, through staging, development and testing, deployment and ongoing business activity monitoring (BAM). This approach reduces the technology learning curve and simplifies the entire integration process enabling much quicker time to deployment with reduced costs. It also makes it easier for business and IT professionals to collaborate on integration projects within one environment.

Real-time access to critical business performance indicators in iBOLT improves the speed and effectiveness of business operations. It enables companies to monitor and identify which business elements are affected and to take appropriate actions. Operational issues can be resolved before they result in excess cost, lost revenue, or customer quality issues. In addition, abstraction layers in iBOLT enable the loose coupling with tight cohesion of business processes and components, which minimizes the impact of change of components and business processes on the overall system.

“Establishing a real-time enterprise requires an agile infrastructure built on a coherent and symbiotic set of tools that simplifies the entire integration process,” said Avigdor Luttinger, head of the iBOLT program, at Magic Software. “iBOLT V1.5 provides the tools needed for transforming traditional IT systems into a Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) – to facilitate business change through the implementation of best practices, and to keep integration costs within budget.”

“This new release consolidates our position at the leading edge of the second generation of BPM/EAI vendors, providing an unprecedented wealth of practical features that address the concerns and needs of medium and large enterprises as they move towards composite applications and Service Oriented Architectures,” added Luttinger.

New Features in iBOLT V1.5
Business Process Modeling – iBOLT provides an additional layer in its business process editor that enables the capture and maintenance of business-process knowledge assets that reflect current business goals with accuracy and timeliness. The information is kept as metadata that allows for historical reviews of business goals, as well as allowing management decisions and policies to be rapidly updated or changed.

iBOLT enables businesses to turn integrated applications into components and offer them as reusable components and business services, providing greater business process agility while building federated or composite systems. Business processes and components can be quickly built, modified or updated to enable companies to realize better results at more reasonable prices.

Enhanced Business Activity Monitoring and SLA Support – In this release of iBOLT, architects are able to add custom log messages that indicate business activity events. These events are processed by the flow monitor and can also be categorized separately to reflect the Business Activity and generate SLA alerts.

Full Support for BPEL4WS – The release fully complies with the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) specification, an executable language for expressing business processes so they can be more easily reused and integrated with other processes.

Integration Flow Emulator (Debugger) – iBOLT V1.5 provides online debugging capabilities, which enables immediate testing and execution of integration flows at design time, without having first to fully implement and deploy the flow components. The emulator/debugger provides full support for Operational Data Storage (ODS), Messaging, Publish/Subscribe, and all other services so that the tested project can be as realistic as possible.

Project Validity Checker – The Integration Flow Checker in iBOLT V1.5 provides developers a way to check logic and ensure consistent and executable logic. The checker checks validity, critical errors and faults, and recommends fixes.

Enhanced Error Handing And Recovery Mechanism – Provides developers with control of the integration process behavior during errors and system crashes. Supports user defined save points, fault tolerance and backup capabilities.