, Inc. today announced the first Linux support for Intel® CentrinoTM technology. LindowsOS Laptop Edition has now been expanded to include support for CentrinoTM laptops, resulting in lower prices being available to consumers. This is the most common request from OEMs looking for a cost-effective solution to offer their customers, and to satisfy that demand, CentrinoTM laptops pre-loaded with LindowsOS Laptop Edition will hit the market in 30-45 days.

“We’re happy to give OEMs the support they have been asking for in order to offer their consumers better prices,” said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of, Inc. “Centrino laptops are currently one of the most popular computer systems available, and pre-loading LindowsOS Laptop Edition will narrow the digital divide, making them more affordable than ever before.”

LindowsOS Laptop Edition is the first Linux operating system to offer support for CentrinoTM laptops. Previously, customers who were in the market for the wireless-optimized systems were not able to choose which operating system would come pre-loaded on their laptop. With more than one million CentrinoTM laptops being shipped in the first year they were launched, the systems were popular, yet lacked the flexibility that LindowsOS Laptop Edition offers.

By pre-loading LindowsOS Laptop Edition, CentrinoTM laptops will now be available to consumers at lower prices due to the value-inherent nature of desktop Linux. Desktop Linux offers stability, reliability, and unsurpassed affordability, with builders being able to offer consumers $199 PCs and $799 laptops by pre-loading LindowsOS. Consumers looking for the powerful mobile capabilities of CentrinoTM technology on their laptops will now be able to take advantage of the cost-savings that desktop Linux offers.

Linux support for CentrinoTM laptops is the most common request from OEMs looking for cost-effective solutions to offer their customers. With CentrinoTM technology enabling laptops to weigh less for optimum mobility, make wireless connections at speeds up to three times faster than standard rates, and maintain extended battery life, the systems have been popular with consumers. OEMs have recognized the value and cost-savings that desktop Linux can bring to their clients, prompting to expand LindowsOS Laptop Edition to satisfy their requests. CentrinoTM laptops pre-loaded with LindowsOS Laptop Edition will hit the market in 30-45 days, and will be available from a wide range of retailers.

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