Keyfactor  introduced Keyfactor Certificate Lifecycle Automation as-a-Service (CLAaaS), a new cloud-native solution to support certificate management in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments with strict regulatory and policy requirements.

“With the proliferation of keys and digital certificates in the enterprise, PKI (public key infrastructure) is everywhere,” said Ted Shorter, CTO and co-founder at Keyfactor. “Keyfactor CLAaaS is a breakthrough for organizations that need a cloud-first solution to manage certificates from any certificate authority (CA), anywhere across their on-premises and multi-cloud operations.”

Recent reasearch found that IT and security pros identified scalability and performance (53%) and support for multiple CAs (45%) as critical capabilities for PKI and certificate management. Keyfactor addresses these priorities with multiple flexible and scalable deployment options, including on-premises software, SaaS and fully managed PKIaaS.

“Keyfactor has delivered best-in-class PKI as-a-Service for more than ten years,” said Mark Thompson, SVP of product management. “However, some of our customers need to keep all or part of their PKI within their datacenter for regulatory or policy reasons. Now they can get all the benefits of a cloud-based certificate lifecycle automation platform while keeping PKI behind their firewall.”

Keyfactor CLA as a Service enables:

  • Turnkey deployment: leverages SaaS-based deployment to reduce the effort and expense of running software and server infrastructure on-premises.
  • On-premises PKI: adheres to strict security requirements, allowing customers to keep private PKI on-premises by leveraging certificate automation via the Keyfactor Cloud.
  • Full automation: delivers full certificate discovery, management and lifecycle automation.
  • Minimal friction: simplifies setup through a single secure outbound connection via port 443 back to the Keyfactor Cloud.
  • Hybrid and scalable PKI: offers the ability to migrate to Keyfactor PKIaaS or run in tandem with other public CAs and on-premises private PKIs.

“It’s all made possible with our new patent-pending Remote CA Gateway technology,” said Thompson. “The Remote CA Gateway allows us to securely connect on-premises PKI deployments to the Keyfactor Cloud. The best part is that it doesn’t require standing up a VPN or poking holes in the enterprise firewall – just a single, outbound-only connection back to Keyfactor.”

Source: Keyfactor