By Media Sonar

In our digital world, the reliance on the Internet, both personally and professionally, has put additional pressure on organizations to protect their executives in ways they’ve never considered before. This presents an opportunity for MSPs to demonstrate to their clients that they are taking a more robust and comprehensive approach to managing digital risk on their behalf.  Understanding and tracking a client’s executive digital footprint across the public attack surface is key to identifying vulnerabilities and risk reduction opportunities in managing an organization’s security landscape 

Complement your client attack surface management by extending visibility to the global digital footprint of your clients’ executives and other brand assets beyond network walls. With Media Sonar, you can identify, assess and remediate vulnerabilities, exposures, risks and threats against the global digital footprint of your client’s executives and other corporate assets – increasing your client security standard of care. 

Information Leaks Are a Top Concern

Executives have broad access to sensitive information and privileges to critical systems that allow attackers to reap a higher financial gain and do more damage.

With Media Sonar, stay on top of exposed executive credentials and other information that can be used to exploit their privileged access. Cross-reference executives’ digital identifiers with focused language across social media, code-sharing sites, paste sites, forums, and marketplaces where this data is bought, sold and discussed.

An Organization’s Brand Depends on the Executive

Weber Shandwick found that 45% of an organization’s reputation depended on the CEO. Damage to an executive’s reputation can happen when false news and accusations are spread in the public sphere.

With Media Sonar, get on top of risks that can tarnish both the executive’s and the organization’s brand. Uncover and remediate unsupported accusations and relevant real-world content, whether posted by an executive or a threat actor. 

Physical Safety Will Always Be a Priority

Physical protection of the human asset against overt or veiled threats of violence is, and always will be, a core tenant of executive protection.

With Media Sonar, automatically search direct and indirect data points related to executives using risk-based keywords across social media and deep/dark web properties to help best detect indicators of dangerous human behavior.

Automate & Scale with Media Sonar

Legacy tools and processes aren’t built to collect, triage, and verify the volume and complexity of human-generated content to identify leaked information associated with executives effectively. Media Sonar reduces the time and expertise needed to uncover risks where executives and their digital identifiers engage.


Build, enrich and store the key digital identifiers of the executives that you are looking to protect. Accelerate set-up and gain early value by adding asset identifiers that you already know about an executive and immediately discover more details connected with their digital footprint.


Use expert-built plug-and-play queries or customize queries associated with key risk categories of interest for your executives across high probability sources.


Evaluate results using an interactive, single-pane dashboard, enrich findings with Pathfinder and OSINT toolkit, and create a summary report to support Digital Risk Assessments of executives’ footprint in the public online domain.

Analyst Generated Digital Risk Assessments

With an expanded attack surface that includes public online networks, regular Digital Risk Assessments can help MSPs be aware of when their clients’ corporate asset digital footprints change. Many MSPs are faced with significant time and expertise constraints in managing the dynamics and breadth of today’s digital attack surface. They are not able to address this security coverage gap.

Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment services offer a comprehensive yet easily consumable expert-generated report that identifies and consolidates exposed information, reputationally damaging content, and acts of violence related to executives’ digital footprints and other corporate assets. Potential risks are classified with remediation recommendations that allow your security team to focus on prevention and appropriate risk management – without an increased internal workload.

Why Media Sonar?

Standard of Care

With low barriers to implementation, MSPs can address risks associated with executives and other corporate assets across the public attack surface. This awareness may not stop every attack, but it goes a long way to increasing the standard of care and proving an MSP has taken as many preventative measures as possible.

Trusted Partner

Whether performed through the Media Sonar platform or leveraged through Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment service offering, our industry and domain expertise work to fill security talent gaps and let teams focus on acting on the relevant risks rather than looking for them.

Client Portfolio Growth

Offering services that work towards detecting and controlling the damage of potential breaches and other risks and vulnerabilities with a comprehensive awareness of the digital identifiers that exist in the public attack surface for critical corporate assets such as executives is a tactical way for MSPs to expand service offerings and drive client growth and trust.

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