There is a new online meeting tool specific for vendors and their reseller partners called Idiligo.

Idiligo, a software company based in the Netherlands, has developed a secure meeting environment that creates structured online sessions based on scripts produced by sales professionals. An Idiligo meeting creates a secure environment for customers, resellers and vendors. Inside the tool, meeting participants can share presentations, files, Web sites, YouTube videos, create and send emails, and instantly confirm next steps. If there are any contracts from Idiligo meetings; they can be signed via a digital signature during the session.

Edward Gijswijt

According to Edward Gijswijt, the International Sales Director for Idiligo, the script guide helps the sales professional through the entire process of the meeting. Idiligo can translate a vendor’s product or service offerings or campaigns into a script targeted to the specific reseller, who intends to use this product or services inside one of their solutions for customers.

How Idiligo got started was when the company saw vendors not having the ability to properly sell their own products. Gijswijt told EChannelNews that these vendors are leaving it up to the resellers to sell their products for them. But what usually occurs is only a few of these resellers bring in all the revenue for the vendors. The other 500 partners that have signed up don’t do a good enough job.

“What if you can make a tool for vendors that can educate all the resellers better in selling their products. That is how we got started,” Gijswijt added.

One of the unique differences in Idiligo is the tool’s ability to create network scripts that resellers are able to use themselves. Gijswijt said, the reseller partners are also able to augment these scripts for their own customer meetings.

“I actually hate the term structured meetings but having structure in your meetings means that all of the questions and call to actions will get addressed,” he added.

With Idiligo, resellers can create a library of scripts for any occasion. According to Gijswijt, if during a session someone brings up Citrix, the reseller can quickly call up the script for Citrix and be able to answer any question the potential customer might have.

“You always have the perfect sales pitch in front of you because you can build a library that is able to sell 10, 20, 30 products,” he said.

Idiligo’s meeting structure will include vendor approved content such as presentations, applications and demos, order forms, a quoting tool, along with next steps follow ups.
One of the issues Idiligo tries to solve is the multiple person meeting with duplicate questions.

Questions and remarks that occur in the meeting are captured by Idiligo. The meeting supervisor has a collection of all the information from the conversations that occurred in the meeting. This information is then provided to all participants for review.

Idiligo also has the ability for users to fill in forms and there is no software to be downloaded. It is all browser-based. Users get a link to an Idiligo meeting and all that person needs to do is click on the link provided, enter the code and receive the presentation.

Idiligo can work alongside any CRM system and the tool’s APIs can capture the information and draw it back into the CRM system for future use.

The company has already been working with high profile customers such as Box, Gartner and Rabobank.

“The Idiligo tool is also smart enough to enable the user to decide when he or she can contact the sales person for a future interaction. This eliminates the pesky sales person who always calls and gives the power back to the buyer,” Gijswijt said.

He added that Idiligo is a business-to-business tool, but it can be used in other segments of the market and the company is positioning the product for markets such as human resources and financial services.

One of the goals for Idiligo is to break into the Canadian and U.S. markets. “We are a game changer. Vendors have been waiting for this because we hear so many people complain that the vendors are not able to help them sell products. By using this tool, they will be selling more products. All the have to do is make a script,” Gijswijt said.

Idiligo is also offering a free trial and channel partners interested in working with Idiligo can make about 20 per cent margins on every deal. And, Idiligo provides this 20 per cent for the lifetime of the subscription. “This is a very good recurring revenue stream,” he added.