Welcome to 2024!

Now that next-level AI has been unexpectedly thrown into our life, the channel should have an even wilder and crazier year. We must all consider how AI, Cybersecurity, and the tidal wave of Compliance issues will affect our business and lives. What we do and how we deal with this dynamic trio could determine our level of success in the coming year. 

Watch some of the videos I did with a variety of brilliant people on www.e-channelnews.com to get their viewpoints, then include parts that you like into your playbook. 

While we will continue to cover all aspects of technology, we will triple down on cybersecurity through our CDE ecosystem. AI is spreading like weeds everywhere, therefore we’ll be keeping a careful eye on it as we explore and incorporate more. According to what I’ve seen thus far, the folks that can best employ AI will be the ones to watch. 

The world is becoming more digital, but remember that digital cannot exist without cybersecurity, and AI is impacting both in ways that are not yet fully understood.

Of course, other technologies will have an impact on the game, so have an open mind as well. Also, don’t forget about sustainability in 2024! Take action, please!

We are probably fortunate that AI did not exist during Oppenheimer’s lifetime. Science and politics were like chess game even back then. Today, there are even more ways to devastate our planet. Politics has gone wild. Social networking continues to have a strong influence on the way people think. AI is progressing quicker than anyone could have imagined, and who knows what impact it will have on history. Does it feel like there are forces working to rewrite history in order to push their agenda? Robotics is becoming more prevalent, and I am concerned about what will happen as more AI is injected into machines. Did Oppenheimer and his team envision millions of drones and robots fighting wars instead of big bombs? Privacy has unfortunately been thrown out the window so hopefully it is not too late to get a grip on this. Cybersecurity is already wreaking havoc on the economy, and it’s only the beginning… 

Humans have a lot more on their plates these days. Nonetheless, here we are – 2024. There is no way around it. I for one, intend to continue in the game for as long as possible in order to contribute to making things a little better for the next generation and my children. I am optimistic that the next generation will be able to carry on…

Have a happy and healthy new year! If you lucky to get these two things then you will be automatically prosperous! 

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