Engenuity Technologies Inc., a global
leader in visualization and simulation software solutions, today announced two
strategic partnerships to help the Company expand its simulation capabilities
and fuel its growth in the international military services market. Engenuity
has made separate agreements with FATS, Inc. (Firearms Training Systems) and
AcuSoft as part of its plan to expand its influence in this sector, and
deliver a complete end-to-end visualization and simulations solution to its

“Engenuity has immediate product synergies with FATS and AcuSoft, and
these partnerships will help us create a notable impact on military simulation
and training,” says Patrice Commune, CEO, Engenuity Technologies. “These
newfound relationships are instrumental to realizing our long-term development
strategy within the military market, as well as toward enhancing our product
suite to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

FATS specifically will be taking advantage of Engenuity’s AI.implant(TM)
to give its customers the ability to control the brains of virtual entities in
military visual simulations. The technology is commonly used in video games
and military simulations to give characters the ability to “think” through
their reactions.

FATS, a leading provider of simulated training solutions that improve the
skills of military, law enforcement and security organizations, has chosen
AI.implant to become its standard real-time artificial intelligence engine
which it will be rolling out to the United States Marine Corps worldwide.
Under the terms of its agreement with Engenuity, AI.implant will be integrated
into the FATS line of products, including its Small Arms Trainers, I-FACT
(Indirect Fire Forward Air Controller Trainer), and Leadership Trainer.

“The realistic behaviour of entities such as humans and vehicles is
becoming one of the key differentiators in our weapons training systems,” said
Tom Shirey, Director of Software Engineering, FATS. “Because of the power and
flexibility of the AI.implant toolset, we have decided to make it the standard
and preferred real-time AI engine for our cutting edge training systems.”

In partnering with AcuSoft, Inc., a producer of high-quality visual
systems for simulation, training and visualization, Engenuity will work to
improve the functionality of Engenuity’s STAGE simulation toolkit. This will
be accomplished by integrating AcuSoft’s Military Scenario Development
Environment (MSDE) and PowerSTRIPES tools.

STAGE is Engenuity’s portfolio of commercial-off-the-shelf software
products for building simulation-based training systems; avionics test
benches, mission planning and rehearsal systems in an integrated or
distributed DIS or High Level Architecture environment. Combined with
AcuSoft’s Military Scenario Development Environment, STAGE will provide users
with a simplified means of designing and developing simulation exercises. In
addition, PowerSTRIPES will enable STAGE users to quickly populate Microsoft
PowerPoint slides with simulation exercise data for review during or after an

“AcuSoft’s MSDE and PowerSTRIPES tools provide the ideal complement to
Engenuity’s STAGE suite of products,” said Bruce Leistikow, Director, Programs
and Business Development, AcuSoft, Inc. “Partnerships like these provide
long-term value to our customers, and we are looking forward to working with
Engenuity to further expand our reach in the military simulations and training