Cybrary is a leading cybersecurity training platform that combines professional development with mission-ready experiences to fully equip cyber practitioners at every stage of their career. Cybrary offers best in class training and certifications to help industry professionals build the skills and knowledge they need to confidently respond to the threats their organizations face and bridge the persistent cybersecurity skills gap. Cybrary enables more than 3 million learners, from service providers and government agencies to Fortune 1000 organizations and individuals alike, to be armed and ready to respond in the fight against constantly-evolving cyber threats.

They recently hired long-time instructor, Matt Mullins, to their new Cybrary Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG). Matt joins CTIG as a Senior Security Researcher, where he will focus on adversary emulations of various threat actor groups. Within CTIG, Matt will demonstrate how attackers present themselves, identify TTPs, and ultimately expand the tools for blue teams to defend against them.

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