The focus of the event will be to discuss the practical implementation of
Green IT, as well as the economic, business and environmental benefits of
going green.

The Green IT Plan will feature a Green IT Expert Panel comprised of the
following participants:

Roots: James Connell, Director of E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and New

Intel: Elaine Mah, Canadian Business Marketing Manager
Bullfrog Power: Alex Fuentes, Business Development Manager

BOMA: Nada Sutic, Manager, Green Initiatives

Zerofootprint: Deborah Kaplan, Executive Director

The Green IT Plan will also include a keynote by Cybernomics Founder and
CEO, Jean Jerome Baudry. Baudry has been featured as an expert on Green IT for
many speaking engagements and events. The most recent was the International
Leaders Breakfast Club presented by the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, in
which Baudry gave a keynote address entitled, “GTA’s Greener Pastures for
Business: Using Green IT to grow your bottom line in domestic and
international markets”. Videos of his speech are available on the Cybernomics
website ( and on YouTube.

Cybernomics has been a Green IT leader since 2005, with a current Green
IT client-adoption rate of over 60%. Recently, Cybernomics was chosen as the
subject of a case study by Intel for their work in implementing a Green IT
Strategy for Roots. In this case study, James Connell, Director of E-
Commerce, Digital Marketing and New Media for Roots and one of the featured
Green IT Panelists, said of Cybernomics’ green initiatives, “We are constantly
looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Cybernomics came to us
with an environmental solution before we asked for it. That’s the sign of a
great partnership.”

Cybernomics is an environmentally friendly IT services firm based in
Toronto that has been providing its clients with professional IT Consulting,
IT Infrastructure and IT Management/Support services since 1993. Cybernomics
has been a leader in Green IT in North America since 2005 and is committed to
making Green IT the cost-effective and business-smart answer – for the overall
benefit of business and the environment.