When it comes to selling technology, the rules are changing. We previously shifted our sales pitch from CapEx to OpEx, in which the client pays monthly or on an as-needed basis. End users like it because they don’t have to pay the entire amount up front, but the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and cybersecurity. Selling based on risk tolerance is gaining traction these days. This is not the same as selling on FEAR. This truly boils down to the level of risk that a company is willing to take in order to compete while also protecting itself from cyber attacks. “Selling Risks,” Shane Gibson’s new sales course, will introduce the audience to a new sales playbook that will help them close faster and bigger in today’s digital-first market. It can only be experienced at the upcoming ChannelNEXT events in Calgary on Oct 17 and in Vancouver on Oct 20. To learn more to www.channelnext.ca and register for any of the upcoming events you would like to attend. All sales reps in the channel should check this out! 

October 17th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, Alberta, Canada Register here

October 20th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, BC, Canada Register here