Citrix Systems, Inc. today launched the Citrix Access Gateway™ 4.0, a new, universal SSL VPN appliance that combines the secure access benefits of both IPSec- and SSL-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) without the cost and complexity drawbacks of either point solution. With the new Advanced Access Control option, Access Gateway 4.0 provides powerful administrative control over how information resources are used based on user role, device, location, and connectivity policies.

Providing a single, secure, “always on” point of entry to the enterprise, Access Gateway 4.0 includes such key features as universal access to all applications and protocols, including IP telephony, from any device, a familiar “desktop-like” user experience no matter what device is being used, integrated end-point scanning, and fast deployment and easy management for IT administrators. Citrix Access Gateway 4.0 is the best and most tightly integrated SSL VPN to use with Citrix Presentation Server™, providing Citrix’s more than 160,000 customers with a compelling upgrade path for secure remote access.

“As one of the leading providers of healthcare services to the elderly in the United States we have seen increasing need and demand to provide an SSL VPN solution that allows our associates, company executives and supervisors to securely access all their applications from any location,” said Don Griffin, director of technology services for Beverly Enterprises. “We recently implemented the Citrix Access Gateway, which we had running within an hour, to fulfill this need. Its sense and respond capabilities make it easy to establish detailed policies for remote users depending on their access scenario and the Gateway product’s tight integration with our existing Citrix products made it a compelling choice for us.”

The unique Advanced Access Control option provides organizations with the ability to grant the same users different levels of action rights, view, print, edit, save, etc., depending on their access scenario – who they are, where they are, the device they are using, how it is configured, and the connection through which they are accessing the network. This is the only solution on the market today that can exert granular control over applications deployed through Citrix Presentation Server based on a user’s access scenario. Other SSL VPN solutions can provide “on” or “off” access to applications, but can not finely tune the level of access to applications or what users can do within those applications once they have access.

“Many enterprises are looking for SSL VPN solutions to secure guest access via wireless LANs and apply endpoint security to both managed and unmanaged devices, providing secure IP telephony to remote users and teleworkers,” stated Robert Whiteley, analyst at Forrester Research. “Citrix’s Access Gateway SSL VPN appliance pushes the VPN functionality further into the OS stack, allowing it to act like IPSec and better handle real-time traffic like VoIP. These capabilities provide a future platform ideal for tackling additional IT headaches.”

The Access Gateway is deployed as a hardened appliance within an organization’s de-militarized zone (DMZ). The Access Gateway 4.0 also ensures endpoint integrity before granting access to applications or the network – and unlike other SSL VPNs, the Access Gateway endpoint security is built-in versus bolted-on. The Access Gateway continuously scans endpoints (as opposed to a one-time check at logon) to ensure that the requisite anti-virus and personal firewall programs are running and if they are not then access to the network is denied.

“While other SSL VPN solutions are only a single piece of an overall secure access solution, Citrix provides a complete, integrated access security solution, enabling enterprises to employ a comprehensive strategy which provides the best access experience for users and administrators alike,” said Murli Thirumale, president of the Access Gateway Division at Citrix. “The Citrix Access Gateway provides enterprises greater secure access options to users due to its centralized approach to security instead of a strictly “secure-the-perimeter” approach to securing the network. With the Advanced Access Control feature, IT administrators can set precise access policies based on user’s identity, location, device and connection while affording a seamless and consistent end-user experience.”

Pricing and Availability
Citrix Access Gateway 4.0 will be available in the second quarter of 2005. Pricing for the appliance starts at $2,495 with pricing of $99 per concurrent user for the base capability and $149 per concurrent user for Advanced Access Control. The Advanced Access Control capability is a major enhancement of the Secure Access Manager technology and provides a natural upgrade path for existing Secure Access Manager customers.  The Access Gateway with the Advanced Access Control Option is packaged with Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix Password Manager™ and sold as the Citrix Access Suite™ 4.0 (please see separate press release). Together, these products form the foundation of the comprehensive, end-to-end Citrix Access Platform.