Centreon Software Systems Ltd, a trusted provider of enterprise monitoring solutions for converging and hybrid IT infrastructures, rolled out a new release of Centreon EMS, its flagship, end-to-end IT monitoring platform. The new release provides ITOps with holistic and contextual insights, through the integrations needed for today’s distributed, on-premise and multi-cloud – public, private and container – environments.

Centreon’s EMS 19.04 release follows on the heels of the company’s expansion into the North American market. It offers ITOps managing a host of legacy assets but now contending with increased cloud workloads and growing networks of connected objects, the integrated visibility needed to ensure end-to-end performance across diverse IT environments. This expanded functionality reduces costs and complexity, aggregating data from across the entire IT infrastructure into a single, holistic view of the various IT interdependencies impacting critical business performance.

“Digital strategies leveraging cloud environments are accelerating. In fact, nine out of ten businesses in North America have transitioned part of their IT workloads to the cloud. There are cloud monitoring tools, but the ability to just see what’s going on inside is not enough,” said Romain Le Merlus, Co-Founder and CEO of Centreon North America.

“This information must be connected and consolidated with what’s going on across the enterprise – its datacenters, virtual machines, containers and IoT networks. Without this business-aware hybrid visibility, prompt response to application outages, compliance issues, failing systems or security threats is difficult. Worse, the performance of IT business services will be negatively impacted, as time and money are spent repairing instead of optimizing and innovating.”

The latest release of Centreon EMS also enables IT infrastructure information to be layered into spatial data that’s mapped using geographical information systems (GIS). Monitored IT infrastructure data can now be seen in the context of connected physical objects such as toll equipment, video surveillance, energy wind turbines, manufacturing belts or logistics hubs to provide more meaningful insights. These real-time dynamic maps help reduce root cause analysis and resolution times enabling greater remote management efficiencies and business performance at the edge.

“As IoT proliferates and companies grow their ROBO (remote office branch office) footprint, geographical mapping and visualization are even more strategic to IT operations, particularly in retail, media and telecommunications, public services, utilities, supply chain or banking and insurance,” Le Merlus said. “Centreon EMS’ new built-in GeoView capability ensures that our solution evolves with customer needs to help manage and make sense of the interdependencies between IT and our connected world.”

Centreon EMS is a modular, all-in-one enterprise IT monitoring solution for hybrid, multi-cloud and physical networks. The solution paves the way for organizations to innovate, future proof their IT investments and adopt new technologies for optimal business uptime, by cutting cost and complexity from ITOps. For complete information on Centreon, please visit www.centron.com