Every day more and more Canadian VARs and MSPs are taking the best business practice assessment to benchmark the way they operate their companies.

See www.bestmanageditcompanies.com It’s always free and can be taken at anytime. The goal is simply to help any VAR or MSP to better understand their business strengths and weaknesses so they may improve. Why? The IT industry needs bigger, better, stronger and smarter channel partners and this is one way that TechnoPlanet is helping in this mission.

The companies with the highest 50 scores win this award. There is no specific ranking. This important recognition can help the awards-winning channel partners on many levels. Everyone wants to work with the best managed companies! The winners of this award can leverage as much as they wish and are encouraged to reapply every year. The only thing that is better than winning one of these awards, is winning several! Physical awards are only handed out to those who attend the annual awards gala. That said, all winners may use the digital awards logo for their promotional activities.

5 ways in which award winners leverage the win:
1. Include 50 Best Managed logo on their website, e-mail signature and all appropriate marketing materials to attract new customers and reinforce retention with current customers.
2. Do publicity campaigns through local news media or social media to spread their message.
3. Celebrate with their staff, family and friends for doing a great job.
4. Gain the attention and increased support from vendors, distributors and other business organizations. Everyone wants to work with companies that are well run!
5. Benchmark your company’s improvement year over year on best practices. Keep on improving!

We urge all channel partners (regardless of size) to start by simply taking the free assessment to get a good sense of where they stand on their business practices. They can choose to improve on their own or ask us for help.

Here are some of the 2019 Award winners (who attended the gala):

Access Group
ASCA Office
Avenir IT
Bralin Technology Group
Clear Concepts
Commerx Computer Systems
CopperTree Solutions
Digital NGenuity
Final Frontiers
Logix Data Products
Microage Belleville
Microage Kingston
Microage Laval
Microage Peterborough
Microage Quebec
Microage Regina
Microage Sault Ste Marie
MIT Consulting
Montreal Tech
PCI Services
Riopel Consultant
Softlanding Solutions
Synergy IT Solutions
Third Octet
Beyond the assessment, we offer several resources to help any channel partner to improve their business.
  1. Find the right tools to operate their business at www.mspofficesuite.com 
  2. Find a local peer-group to improve business skills at www.channelpartneralliance.com 
  3. Get some free business tips for building success at www.varcoach.com or get the latest industry news at www.e-channelnews.com  (both for free!)
  4. Explore the vendor stack that we recommend for building the best predictable and sustainable recurring revenue by joining our community at www.channelpartneralliance.com We are always adding select vendors to our priority partners’ list as we help our members to offer the best-in-class solutions *

*There are currently thousands of companies with SaaS/Managed Services offerings. We are constantly reviewing these solutions and recommending the best-in-class to our Channel Partner Alliance community. All solutions are carefully vetted with feedback from our channel community to ensure that they meet the highest standards! We also negotiate special pricing and other terms and conditions including leveraging MDF funds to help our members pay for their membership fees (Of course, we showcase all vendors on our news media platform so our community can learn and choose whatever solution that suits them best at www.e-channelnews.com

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See you next year!

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