It’s a big deal when your channel partners vote you into the #1 spot. It is also important to recognize the partners for their support as well as your channel team for doing an amazing job.

This maybe the one award that truly matters to vendors and distributors in the IT channel! It tells a very big story about the winner!

There is no subjective human judgement in the process. No vendor can sponsor their way into getting one of these awards. Simply put, the company with the most votes by their channel partners win this recognition and award!

We like to think of this as the annual report card from the channel partners. It’s a good way to have their voices heard! We continually invite our base of over 5,000 UK channel partners to cast their votes until the voting is closed. Just as in any election, vendors and distributors may invite their partners to vote for them. Many campaigns are run to get out the vote.

Vendors and distributors are nominated by their channel partners. Once nominated and verified in the appropriate category, the vendor’s name will automatically appear in the voting list to allow any partner to easily click-to-vote. Vendors CANNOT nominate or vote for themselves, but may request one of their channel partners to nominate them.

We do not publish shortlists in advance, however, vendors leading the votes in the top 3 spots in every category are informed at least 2 weeks prior to the awards gala to make arrangements to attend, but final winners are only announced on the day or the Award ceremony. If you are a vendor or distributor, it’s good idea to save the date for next year in your calendar (December 10, 2020, in London). Winners can only receive the physical award if they attend the Awards Gala. All winners are informed after the awards gala through this public news media article and may request the logo of the award to leverage in their communications.

It is a great peer-to-peer celebration and networking opportunity so everyone in the IT channel are welcome to attend. Join in the celebration or size-up your competition for next year. Contact us to get on the list to keep updated on the 2020 awards gala!

Every year, we are expanding more of our Reseller Choice Awards to the UK. This year we recognize vendors and distributors in 4 of our 80 categories. Watch for more categories in 2020 for UK.

We would also like to thank all VARs, MSPs and ITSPs for voting in 2019. Without your vote, none of this would be possible! It is our honour to have your voices heard loud and clear to the vendors and distributors so they may all improve in serving your needs better! This year’s thank-you for voting surprise gift (some fun shopping at John Lewis) winner is Cherry at Microsolv Systems Ltd.

Here are the 2019 Britain’s Reseller Choice Award Winners:

Britain’s Top 10 Cloud/SaaS: 

  1. Microsoft
  2. AWS
  3. DATTO
  4. VMWare
  5. Connectwise
  6. CISCO
  7. Salesforce
  8. Sophos
  9. Solarwinds
  10. Cryoserver

There were many Cloud/SaaS vendors nominated this year so it is clear that this is one of the hottest categories. We now rank Britain’s top 100 Cloud Vendors! There are thousands of Cloud/SaaS vendors already on the market so expect many disruptions to come in this sector. When it comes to future of the Cloud, being on top is never guaranteed!

Britain’s Best IT Security Vendor:


This company has had some challenges this year, but their channel-centric approach has keept them on top. There were over 50 companies nominated in the IT Security category. Next year, we expect this to be a very competitive category as more vendors expand their offering in the security market. SOCs are also becoming a fast-growing component of this sector. Next year we will be ranking Britain’s top 10 Security Vendors. We know that the #1 spot is big news, but it is also interesting to see the top 10 and how the rankings change each year.

Britain’s Best Distributor:

Ingram Micro UK

It was tight race for the usual big distributors, but Ingram Micro took the top spot with Westcoast a coming in close second. It was the same evening of an Ingram Micro’s function but they sent a representative to collect the award earlier in the afternoon. We thank them for coming to collect the award and sharing with their team and network.

Ingram Micro UK

Britain’s Best Vendor:


This is the #1 Reseller Choice Award that every vendor wants to win. The list of nominations is very long. It is important for vendors to serve the needs of their channel partners as best as possible. Your partners will recognize your efforts because they appreciate your support.

DATTO has been a consistent leader in this mission of being channel-only. Congratulations to being the #1 vendor as voted on by the UK channel partners. It does not get much better than this! For other vendors, there is alway next year. The good news is that the entire channel community wins as every vendor rallies to improve their service and support of the channel!