BEA Systems today announced the availability of new Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tools. Through a reseller relationship with ProActivity, BEA offers ProActivity Process Analysis, a tool that is designed to help business analysts and developers work together to model and implement processes, and ProActivity Process Business Activity Monitoring (P-BAM), a tool that is designed to provide business-level monitoring and alerting capabilities for business users.  Together the new offerings are designed to help businesses better understand their functional and operational processes (e.g., marketing, sales, fulfillment) and help simulate and optimize those business processes.

“In many complex organizations, people evolve ways of working that reflect a wide variety of often unconnected processes,” said Tony Kenny, IT projects manager at Beaumont Hospital, a longtime BEA customer.  “These vital business processes are often poorly understood, so the crucial step in a systems project is to discover and capture the current processes and enable the actual process owners to optimize and simplify them.  The combination of BEA WebLogic Integration™ and ProActivity is designed to help enable Beaumont Hospital to do that in a very simple way.”

The BEA offering integrates WebLogic with the ProActivity tools.  The new products are called ProActivity Process Analysis BEA WebLogic Edition™ and ProActivity Process Business Activity Monitoring BEA WebLogic Edition™.  The BEA solutions are available from BEA global sales and channel partners.  

With the addition of these news tools, BEA can offer one of the broadest suites of tools designed to help facilitate and manage the business process lifecycle:

*Process discovery, validation, analysis and simulation by business analysts using ProActivity Process Analysis

*Exporting the process definition to BEA WebLogic Workshop for implementation

*Execution and operational management of the new process using BEA WebLogic IntegrationTM or BEA WebLogic Server Process EditionTM

*Business activity monitoring of the executing processes using ProActivity Process Business Activity Monitoring.

An illustration of the business process lifecycle can be found at  

Business Process Lifecycle Solutions Are the Basis for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA implementations require agile, rapidly adaptable business processes, which can adjust as the business requirements change or improvements are needed.  BEA Systems products are designed to help customers to discover current business processes, analyze and optimize these processes, rapidly implement and deploy, and monitor and manage the executing processes.  BPA and BAM tools are designed to help improve the ability to design and monitor key operational processes such as those required in fulfillment, HR, marketing, sales, service provisioning and for those supporting compliance with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley or HIPAA.  Additionally, these solutions are designed to help reduce costs associated with application development and improve the delivery time of new applications.

“Streamlining and managing business processes is an issue that spans across all of our customers and it is a critical challenge that adopting a SOA framework can help solve,” said Bill Roth, vice president of Product Marketing for BEA Systems.  “As a leader in SOA, it is logical that we would expand our offering to address business process lifecycle management. By selecting best-in-class solutions from ProActivity, a leader in process lifecycle management and analysis, our customers can have access to a solution that is integrated with BEA WebLogic.”  

Process Analysis Tool Designed to Help Companies Achieve Faster Time to Value

ProActivity Process Analysis BEA WebLogic Edition is designed to help enable business analysts to discover, model, document and simulate enterprise-level business processes. As a result, business analysts can have a better understanding of operational processes and cross organizational dependencies while identifying opportunities for automation and ways to improve ROI.  Another important feature is the simulation engine which is designed to offer businesses the opportunity to test drive processes before implementation to help determine cycle time, throughput and resource utilization in a precise and quantitative manner.  This can help allow business analysts to quantify the financial benefits from automation. Additionally, processes can be modeled and exported to BEA WebLogic Workshop for implementation, which can help to ensure that no business requirements for the process are lost, and helps allow the developer to focus on the implementation – thus contributing to accelerating the effort.

 “ProActivity’s Process BAM, combined with BEA WebLogic Integration, can help provide us with the closed loop business process lifecycle solution that we need in our business,” said, Eli Ben-Simon, CIO at Barak013, one of Israel’s largest telecommunications carriers.  “This is vital in the telecommunications industry where competition and rapidly changing market needs require that we roll out new services frequently and with a very quick turn-around time – while all along monitoring, in real-time, the business metrics associated with these services.”

BAM Integrated with BEA WebLogic Platform™ Designed to Provide Executive Dashboards

ProActivity Process Business Activity Monitoring WebLogic Edition can help to bring together business-level monitoring for customers.  The solution is designed to provide dashboards and reports that can help allow business users to monitor currently running processes in the context of the business; additionally, business users can be alerted in real-time when a business exception occurs.  The ProActivity Process Business Activity Monitoring solution is designed to help deliver the ability to collect and report via custom dashboards metrics in the context of the complete business process. As a result business analysts can have better reporting to help them improve and optimize business processes.  

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Leveraging Best-in-Class Solutions from an Industry Leader

A BEA premier partner for the past few years, ProActivity Inc. ( has teamed with BEA to deliver business process solutions to enterprise customers across industries.  The newly expanded relationship is designed to allow BEA to resell and support ProActivity products globally, extending the company’s commitment to offering an end-to-end business process lifecycle management solution.