Axcient, a leader in business continuity and cloud migration solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced its ‘A’ rating from SecurityScorecard verifying the security of its suite of business continuity, disaster recovery, and cloud migration tools. This ‘A’ security rating encompasses controls protecting security across all risk indicators, including Networking, DNS Health, Patching Cadence, Endpoint Security, IP address, Web Application Security, Cubit Score, Hacker Chatter, Information Leak, and Social Engineering.

As a cloud services suite custom-built to secure and support MSPs, Axcient’s security rating enables partners to both trust and verify the data protections supporting their supply stream. Gathering publicly available information across the Internet, using the SecurityScorecard platform, Axcient can now leverage their best-in-class cybersecurity control environment without compromising the integrity of their internal controls. For more than four months, SecurityScorecard has continuously monitored 10 risk indicators across seven different companies, determining Axcient’s overall cyber health.

SecurityScorecard enables users to view and continuously monitor security ratings and report on the cyberhealth of their ecosystems. In the monitoring process, SecurityScorecard integrated an algorithm called Next-Gen Scoring that deployed a deterministic scoring methodology for Axcient based on a robust statistical framework with a grading system that links issue changes to score fluctuations. Based on threat data, Axcient was graded and benchmarked against six different companies, including Acronis, Datto, StorageCraft, Barracuda, Infrascale, and Veeam. The monitoring and test determined that Axcient was the only company who received an ‘A’ rating.

View the Security Scorecard report.

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