Axcient, a leader in business availability software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced Direct to Cloud (D2C). Axcient D2C is the next evolution in Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) software. Now MSPs can protect their clients using one solution for no-hardware BDR, workstation or endpoint backup, and traditional BDR. This level of flexibility, security, and simplification allow MSPs to support a hybrid on-premise, cloud, and remote work environment across a diverse set of client requirements in one product.

Overnight the number of employees working remotely has jumped from seven percent to fifty-one percent. MSPs need a flexible BDR solution to meet diverse client requirements and keep costs down. Axcient x360Recover meets that requirement.

Axcient x360Recover now satisfies three important use cases for MSPs and their clients:

  • Hardware BDR for clients who need instant local recovery and virtualization
  • No-Hardware or Direct to Cloud BDR for cloud backup instant cloud virtualization
  • Image-based Endpoint Backup to the cloud for remote workstations

With D2C, Axcient provides MSPs with the power to choose if they want to deploy x360Recover using no hardware, Axcient hardware, or hardware from the MSP. In addition, MSPs can use Axcient Data Centers or their own Data Centers for cloud backup, or both.

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