AppSense, a specialist in application performance management, today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its AppSense Performance Suite, the first-ever integrated set of products dedicated to solving the performance problems of server-based computing applications. The AppSense Performance Suite is being launched at a time when server-based computing is in use by 99 percent of the Fortune 500 and end-users number over 50 million. The suite will benefit both companies and end-users by maximizing investment in IT resources while delivering higher quality of service.

“Organizations deploy server-based computing to simplify IT management and reduce application deployment costs, but this is only part of the story. Many business applications have not been written to run efficiently on the server. For example, multiple instances of the same application can take up memory and use up unnecessary CPU cycles. This can seriously impact server performance, adversely affect the quality of service delivered to end-users, and limit the effectiveness of the server-based computing solution,” said Jon Collins, senior associate analyst, Quocirca Ltd.

“By optimizing how business applications are executed, taking control of CPU usage and maximizing server availability, AppSense’s Performance Suite ensures that organizations can experience the increased efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness that server-based computing should provide,” Collins added.

AppSense Performance Suite provides IT professionals with detailed control of the performance of server-based applications. The suite proactively manages all aspects of the system that could cause degradation in performance, including CPU usage, memory allocation and elimination of rogue applications. The suite includes AppSense’s patented “thread-throttling” technology, which dynamically “clamps” excessive application tasks to ensure a consistent performance experience for all users by forcibly restricting the CPU and memory occupied by the task. The AppSense Performance Suite delivers a single control point for performance monitoring, management and automated intervention.

Rob Jones, IT services development director, Alstom, stated: “We need incredibly stable, high performance systems to provide the quality of service demanded by our global users. The AppSense Performance Suite covers all the critical performance areas and is straightforward to deploy across a large server farm. The tight integration between the various components of the suite has dramatically simplified administration for us and has given us a comprehensive 24×7 overview of application and user behavior.”

“Server-based computing is now the norm rather than the exception in enterprises. Many users sharing one server is a great idea, but often there is little or no performance control. Users frequently suffer poor response times while companies are forced to buy and manage more servers,” explained Anthony Bolland, chief executive officer, AppSense. “Performance Suite breaks the pain cycle by ensuring that hardware resources are used intelligently and that no user suffers due to the greed of another’s application.”

AppSense Performance Suite is ideal for managing the performance of applications running in server-based environments such as the Citrix MetaFrame® Access Suite or Microsoft Windows Terminal Services®. AppSense Performance Suite also supports the management of emerging Web Services applications.

About AppSense Performance Suite 2.0

The suite comprises four key software components – Performance Manager, Application Manager, Optimizer and Server-based Toolkit – designed to manage application performance, eliminate the execution of illegal applications, manage memory and CPU optimization and ensure data center uptime with fast response times.

—Performance Manager is a proactive resource management solution, which resolves system bottlenecks by “throttling” individual application threads that place excessive demands on processor resources. By smoothing the processor load, all applications remain responsive during busy periods. Performance Manager also controls application and user memory usage.

—Application Manager is a secure and flexible application control solution that prevents all unauthorized downloads and script content from running on a system, providing proactive protection against executables, screen savers, ActiveX, scripts, Windows Installer packages and system registry files.

—Optimizer significantly reduces memory overheads by optimizing application components, such as DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries), resulting in reduced disk paging, improved performance and increased system capacity.

—Server-based Toolkit is a collection of utility and end-user tools, which provide performance, security and usability enhancements in a server-based environment.

The AppSense Performance Suite will be sold through an international channel of AppSense Certified Solution Partners (CSPs) in 30 countries. Key partners in the U.S. include Integration Technologies, IntraSystems, IPM, and Vector ESP.

The AppSense Performance Suite is available immediately. Pricing starts at $3295.00 per server.