AOpen® Inc. today announced its newest entry in the small form factor barebones PC arena—the EZ661 series of the increasingly popular AOpen XC Cube product line. The XC Cube EZ661 series of barebones PCs supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Prescott CPUs of up to 3.4GHz with Intel’s Hyper Threading Technology, and has an external bus speed of 533/800 MHz. The EZ661 also features a powerful 275-watt power supply as well as two S-ATA connectors.

“AOpen has developed a special 4-way voltage technique to efficiently stabilize the CPU,” said Chris Liu, Senior Director, XC Cube Business Management, AOpen Inc. Additionally, the XC Cube EZ661 uses a patented heat sink engineered with four copper heat-reducing tubes to efficiently cool the CPU, and ultra-thin copper heat-dispersing fins with a side-blowing fan to vent hot air out through the ventilation holes of the system. This advanced breakthrough reduces the chance of overheating and affords customers a greater degree of reliability. “With AOpen’s innovative cooling technology, the CPU can reliably perform with continuous stability for long hours and at high speeds. And, with the CPU running at full speed, AOpen’s unique SilentTek silencing technique provides a low-noise, pleasant and quiet working environment,” Liu went on to say.

The XC Cube EZ661 is specifically designed for home and office use and includes: Built-in 5.1 channel sound; onboard graphics; built-in 1GB/sec high-speed internet support; four USB ports, three IEEE 1394 ports; two 3.5” hard disc drive bays and a 5.25” drive bay; as well as AGP and PCI slots. The entry-level model EX661L is very similar to the EZ661, but supports either Pentium 4 or Celeron CPUs, features a smaller 220-watt power supply and does not come with S-ATA connectors.

The stylishly designed AOpen EZ661 and EX661L both come with a one-year limited warranty and will be shipping to customers in North America by mid-September, 2004. The EZ661 has an MSRP of $250 USD and the entry-level EX661L has an MSRP of $200. For more information on this exciting product, contact Michele Sun at: 408-232-1253 or by e-mail at: [email protected]