Aerohive announced the release of its new HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, a full-featured, unified network management system with the most economical on-premises deployment model available in the market. Customers can now manage thousands of devices and experience the full power of Aerohive’s cloud networking, deployed on their site, at a price that fits their budget. HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance can be easily deployed on a customer’s existing server infrastructure at a total cost of $1799.

HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance includes the same advanced features for monitoring, security, and access management as Aerohive’s public cloud solution. This unified approach to public and private cloud networking strengthens Aerohive’s position as the only solution that can seamlessly scale in size and capabilities, and across deployment models to accommodate evolving customer and partner mobility requirements.

News Facts

  • The new HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance allows customers to deploy a complete on-premises Wi-Fi management platform for up to 2,000 access points and switches. HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance can be easily deployed on a customer’s existing server infrastructure at a total cost of $1799. For customers who purchase new server hardware and software for their deployment the total cost to support a 500 AP network starts at $3,300. The total cost for a 2000 AP network is less than $5000, including HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, server, and server software.
  • As part of Aerohive’s Select™ offering, HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance provides deployment flexibility for customers who require full control over sensitive data on their premises, with the simplicity of cloud-based Wi-Fi deployment and management. On-premises customers receive the same benefits and capabilities from HiveManager NG running in their data center as they would receive from HiveManager NG running in Aerohive’s public cloud service. Aerohive is the only cloud networking solution that provides this level of functionality and deployment flexibility.
  • HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance manages Aerohive’s unique cooperative-control Wi-Fi architecture, which distributes network intelligence among its self-organizing devices and, as a result, does not require centralized and expensive controllers. This significantly reduces the cost of the network management platform. Aerohive is the only vendor that uses the same architecture to support all customers, from the smallest organizations to the largest, allowing the ability to effortlessly scale from one to thousands of access points.
  • HiveManager NG includes Aerohive’s next-generation network management capabilities. HiveManager NG sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility in cloud networking, with an advanced, yet intuitive set of monitoring and troubleshooting tools, application visibility and control, reporting, secure profile-based access management ideal for guest and BYOD devices, and unified management of access points, Aerohive switches, and select Dell switches.
  • HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance complements the recently announced Aerohive Connect solution that provides robust connectivity in public cloud deployments at an aggressive price point. Aerohive Connect customers who require the advanced features of the Select management solution or who want to manage their network from their own data center can seamlessly upgrade to a choice of public cloud or on-premises deployment options.