3Com Corporation today announced that it received a favorable ruling from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in its litigation filed against Intelligent Decisions, Inc. (IDI), a Canadian corporation.

The court held IDI liable for deceit (fraud) in violation of Canadian law. IDI, a former 3Com certified reseller, was found to have fraudulently induced 3Com to issue special pricing quotes (SPQs) for the purchase of 3Com products by, among other things, falsifying government invoices. The court awarded 3Com $3.39 million in principal damages and dismissed all of IDI’s counterclaims.

“This a significant victory because it reflects our willingness to investigate and aggressively prosecute fraud committed against 3Com in order to protect the company and maintain our corporate and brand reputation in the channel and networking industry,” said Neal Goldman, 3Com’s senior vice president and general counsel. “Our enterprise customers rely on 3Com solutions for high performance, as well as for the value in cost to buy and own, warranties and support found only when doing business with certified, professional distributors.”