Speaker: Bobby Cornwell. Vice President Strategic Partner Enablement & Integration at SonicWall

Bobby reflected on his 17-year journey in the company, discussing the industry’s evolution from a few vendors to a multitude of offerings, making it challenging for partners to discern effective solutions. Bobby emphasizds SonicWall’s commitment to innovation, numerous patents, and strategic acquisitions, positioning the company as a leader in the cybersecurity industry. Julian and Bobby discussed the challenges in the cybersecurity industry, including the difficulty in distinguishing effective solutions among the thousands of vendors and the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks. They also touched on the impact of AI on cyber threats.

Julian and Bobby expressed deep concerns about privacy and data security. They discussed the implications of voluntarily sharing personal data and the risks associated with it. They also discussed the importance of new regulations in the context of cybersecurity and the economy. They emphasized the need for companies to take responsibility and the impact of regulations on consumer protection and market safety.

They highlighted the need for thorough testing and due diligence before launching products into the market, and the potential for cybersecurity to become a selling point for companies. They also discussed the potential impact of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, particularly hospitals, and the security challenges posed by internet-connected medical devices in hospitals.

They underscorey the vital role of education in cybersecurity, expressing concerns about the industry’s rapid growth and the difficulties faced by MSPs in adapting to new technologies. Additionally, they explored the alarming risks posed by cyber kidnapping and the vulnerability of the elderly to online threats, emphasizing the need for comprehensive education and protection measures in the cybersecurity landscape.

Here are an overview of the top SonicWall 2024 threat landscape predictions:

1. Expect to See New Regulations for Reporting Breaches

In 2024, incoming cybersecurity regulations will force businesses to be more transparent about their breaches and attacks. Forthcoming legislation such as the EU’s NIS2 Directive and the Cyber Resilience Act will impose more stringent standards for cyber protection and establish clear reporting timelines in the event of a breach.

2. Third-Party Vendors Will be Scrutinized in the Coming Year

We all know a network’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, but what many organizations fail to account for are all the links of the third-party vendors who have direct touches within a company’s networked environment. This includes contractors, freelancers, and vendors that interface with a company on a constant basis.

3. Expect More Medical Devices and Telehealth Platforms to Come Under Attack

Internet-connected medical equipment can be expensive. When a hospital invests in a new device, they expect it will give them many years of use. But what happens when the original device maker stops developing updates for it? It’s not always as easy as buying a new one, especially if said device costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, that priceless device has become an inexpensive threat vector.