ZEROSPAM Security is proud to announce that it just obtained the prestigious VBSpam certification from Virus Bulletin. With this first participation in the VBSpam program, the ZEROSPAM solution reached a global score of 99.56% and finished in 5th place among all participating companies, ahead of such rivals as GFI, Sophos, Symantec, FortiMail and McAfee.

Virus Bulletin’s comments about the ZEROSPAM solution mention the ease of use of the client interface, the fact that each domain has multiple MX records which ensures full redundancy and the fact that the ZEROSPAM network is entirely located in Canada. Virus Bulletin qualified that first result as impressive.

“It's almost impossible to get a reliable efficiency rate, declared David Poellhuber, president and COO of ZEROSPAM Security, unless you go through a third party. We are thus extremely pleased because the efficiency of our solution is now certified, demonstrated and firmly established. It makes us very proud. We strive to improve our architecture and detection techniques on an on-going basis and we will continue to do so because, in the fight against spam, one can never rest.”

When choosing a vendor, IT Consultants and VARs always look for best-of-breed, reliable and reputable solutions. ZEROSPAM Security is a Canadian leader in the cloud email security space. Launched in 2003, the ZEROSPAM solution was one of the very first cloud-based filtering solutions to be offered in Canada. Thanks to its efficiency, ease of use and to the important resources savings it provides, the ZEROSPAM service quickly acquired the trust of prestigious companies and government organizations such as VIA Rail, Radialpoint and Telefilm Canada. The company also services a vast number of SMBs in many different sectors.

With an average delivery time of a few seconds, the service offers top performance and security. ZEROSPAM has a unique hybrid quarantine that enables clients to pick and choose individuals who should be trusted with individual quarantines and is the only solution to offer a user-friendly fully bilingual client interface. The one-month free trial produces a closing-rate of nearly 100%. ZEROSPAM is presently expanding it’s network of resellers, offering great margins, personalized follow-up for sign-on and exceptional technical assistance. ZEROSPAM is also a high-availability solution. To cope with our growing number of clients, we recently doubled our capacity so delays can be avoided at all times and clients can rest assured that they will never loose an email even if their server is down. There has never been a better time to become an authorized ZEROSPAM reseller. Visit the ZEROSPAMN booth on March 27th in Montreal to find out about our reseller program or register on-line for our 30 day free trial.