NTI Corporation announced Echo, a smart cloning software that delivers the ability to easily clone a PC’s old drive to a new drive. NTI is an award-winning software developer and has created Echo for bundling with solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD), and hybrid drives.

“We wanted to make upgrading your PC’s hard drive as easy as possible,” said Bill Yao, CEO of NTI Corporation. “As storage device upgrade market continues to grow and becomes a more common practice, NTI Echo fills the need for an easy-to-use cloning software.”

Echo will clone an entire drive, including all of its partitions, with all of the user’s data, applications, and Windows operating system to another drive. The new drive can be of different types and sizes as long as the data can fit within its capacity. Echo will shrink and grow partitions as needed to optimize the use of available space.

Using Echo is easy. Simply click the Start button and Echo will begin the cloning process. Users can view the detailed graphical display to check progress of the cloning process. Echo’s graphical user interface is friendlier and more intuitive than other cloning software’s intimidating command-line display.