Xiocom Wireless (http://www.xiocom.com), a
global provider of integrated wireless broadband solutions, today announced
its acquisition of Madison, Wisconsin-based Mad City Broadband, an innovative
wireless broadband provider that owns and operates a unified wireless mesh
network in Madison.

“Mad City has been an innovative, even game changing, industry player,”
said Xiocom President, Troy Richardson. “By joining Mad City to Xiocom, we
are opening up a host of new opportunities for our customers in Madison and
our partnerships around the globe.”

Atlanta-based Xiocom works with network owners across the globe to deploy
integrated wireless broadband solutions in developing markets.

“We are very impressed with the relationships and partnerships that Mad
City Broadband built to serve their customers. This acquisition will enable
the Mad City Broadband team to expand their coverage and offerings to the City
of Madison and to achieve new milestones by working with strategic partners
like Cisco Systems,” Richardson said.

Mad City’s 10-square-mile, indoor and outdoor broadband network in
Madison has been named a Cisco Showcase Network. This coveted designation,
which comes from the world’s leading supplier of Internet networking
equipment, testifies to Mad City’s relentless focus on innovation and advanced
technical knowledge.

“The combination of our local technical and support teams, Xiocom’s
global reach and resources provide a unique opportunity to create the world’s
most comprehensive set of wireless broadband offerings to serve the Madison
community,” said Todd Anderson, Mad City’s Chief Technology Officer. “This is
an excellent growth opportunity and evolution for our company.”

“Our vision is to build a network of sales and technical partnerships
around the globe and to become the premier broadband wireless company in the
industry,” Jeff Spence, Xiocom’s Chief Executive Officer added. “The
acquisition of Mad City Broadband is a perfect combination of great customers
and a network operator with the desire to deliver a world-class customer
experience. We are very excited about our future in Madison.”