Barrett Xplore Inc. (BXI) is pleased to
announce that it has purchased two wireless networks in Prince Edward County
and South Dundas in southwestern Ontario from W3 Connex as part of a court
ordered and managed receivership process. These networks currently deliver
much needed broadband Internet service to more than 550 residential and
business customers in the area.

This acquisition complements Xplornet’s
current operations in Ontario and further strengthens its position as Canada’s
leading fixed wireless and satellite broadband service provider for rural and
underserved markets.

“Barrett Xplore is committed to providing broadband to underserved
markets and we’re excited to welcome W3’s customers to our family,” said John
Maduri, CEO of Barrett Xplore Inc. “We look forward to delivering to our new
W3 customers the same high-quality, urban-class services that we currently
deliver to more than 400 rural communities across Canada.

“The recent acquisition of 3.5 GHz WiMAX spectrum will help us to improve
service and reliability for our new W3 Connex customers,” said Maduri. “While
others focus on spectrum and networks to increase bandwidth to the big cities,
Xplornet is committed to bringing broadband to the underserved communities
across Canada, just like these two,” he added.