Wyse Technology, the domain experts in server-centric computing, today announced plans to collaborate with Transmeta Corporation to develop non-PC desktops based on Transmeta’s processors. Wyse will work with Transmeta to research and develop innovative PC alternative platforms that address the evolving information access needs of the enterprise IT market. Wyse continues to have a focused expertise in helping enterprises continue to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of systems that access information while maximizing their return on investment (ROI) from server-centric computing, and this collaboration supports this mission.

“The personal computer is clearly no longer the only desktop of choice for information access, as thin clients, handheld PDAs, smart phones and blade PCs all present suitable alternatives depending on an enterprise’s needs,” said George Skaff, vice president of worldwide marketing at Wyse Technology. “Today, CIOs and CTOs understand it is less important where information resides and more important to deliver cost-effective access to the information.”

Having set the industry-standard for non-PC desktops by pioneering the original browser-based thin clients, Windows-based terminals, network terminals and network computers, Wyse has shown the company is constantly innovating. Transmeta’s Crusoe™ and Efficeon™ processors are ideally suited for non-PC devices given the high performance, energy efficiency, low thermal characteristics, reliability and quiet operation inherent in both families of processors. They are ideally suited to meet the needs of the next generation of mobile, wireless, and embedded devices.

“The adoption rate of non-PC desktops is growing at a rapid pace due to the changing needs of organizations to access server or Internet-based information in a cost-effective way,” said Bob, O’Donnell, Director, Personal Technology at IDC. “Across almost all business sectors, the server-centric computing model is delivering both business and cost benefits such as increased reliability, advanced remote management and the simplified deployment of new users and software. This benefits organizations by reducing costs, diminishing downtime and ultimately saving businesses millions of dollars in IT spending.”

“Transmeta continues to work with industry-leading companies like Wyse to drive innovation in efficient computing,” said Arthur L. Swift, senior vice president of marketing at Transmeta. “With this collaborative effort, we see a great potential for growth in server-centric computing, placing Transmeta in a position to be the leading supplier of microprocessors for non-PC desktops by this time next year.”