MediaPress X is the first and only professional realtime hardware MPEG
encoder for Mac OS X.

The MediaPress X software has been completely redesigned from the
ground up to improve encoding workflow and quality, while taking
advantage of the unique capabilities of Mac OS X.

Mike Evangelist, president of Wired commented on the release, “Our
customers depend on the speed and quality of the MediaPress encoder to
get their work done every day. We’ve spent over a year in development
on MediaPress X to make sure it works well in the toughest production

Powerful new features include:

— MediaPress X is a native OS X Cocoa application for top
performance, and it supports multiple processors.

— Built-in realtime preview makes it easy to see how your
material looks before, during and after encoding. Playback
encoded files directly in the MediaPress X application.

— Audio level meters — this much-requested feature allows
you to easily verify your input levels before encoding.

— Improved VBR MPEG-2 encoding quality — enhanced motion
estimation and scene detection for improved results at
lower bitrates. MediaPress X also offers improved
inverse-telecine functions for better results when
encoding material that originated on film.

— Sophisticated batch encoding capabilities — MediaPress
features powerful deck control and batch capture. Each
batch item can have its own settings and items can be
combined into a single output file if desired.

— Support for DVD Studio Pro chapter markers — When items
in batch are combined, MediaPress X can insert chapter
marker data at each edit. This data is automatically
recognized by DVD Studio Pro when importing the stream.

— Import and export batch lists — import text files to
create a batch. It’s ideal for bringing in data from a
telecine log or EDL.

MediaPress X is bundled with all new MediaPress SDI encoders, and
is available as a software upgrade for current owners of MediaPress
Pro, YUV and SDI encoders. The software upgrade is free for anyone who
purchased a new MediaPress encoder after May 1, 2002; for all others,
the upgrade prices is $499. Current owners can request the upgrade at

MediaPress X SDI is a full featured realtime MPEG encoding card
for the Macintosh G4 and G5. Offering high quality realtime MPEG-1 and
MPEG-2 encoding from a wide variety of inputs (composite, s-video,
component and SDI), the MediaPress sells for $3799 US.