Most cyber security breaches (research shows as much as 91%) are happening because of human error. Humans are just prone to making mistakes.

It’s common knowledge that hackers can easily embed malware into emails or fake ads. Having weak passwords or not using two factor authentication can leave you exposed to hackers. Accessing public internet can also be an attack vector. In other words, there is a constant assault on people by hackers.

The State of Cyber Security Awareness in the SMB Market Survey was designed to help MSPs better understand how the channel deals with the topic of cyber security breach prevention awareness training for their clients and employees.

The results are eye-opening and clearly demonstrates the problem as well as the solution.

Check out the results of the 9 questions we asked MSPs then compare to your situation. It may prompt you to implement a more robust program to educate your clients.  They play a vital role in preventing successful hacker attacks. If you take away just one message from this report then consider baking in an effective cyber security attack prevention training and testing program. Download report here

Just doing this one activity can help reduce cyber attack breaches with your clients! The icing on the cake is that you can also make an on-going revenue stream at the same time!

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