Is it the… Theme? Topics? Speakers? Exhibitors? Content? Location? Organizer? Reputation? Venue? Duration? Peer-to-Peer networking? Parties? News media coverage? Habit? Influencers? Past Experience? Cost?

Want to know what your peers consider when deciding?

Please take this 30-second survey and we will send you the results for free! You can also share your comments…

Last time I counted, there were about 180 tech events per year in North America alone. I usually attend about 20 (including our own ChannelNEXT conferences). I am not sure of how many events on average that a channel partner attends each year, but when I ask, they usually tell me between 4 to 6.

With so many event choices, it is obviously important to make the right selection to invest your time wisely. Maybe the results from this simple survey may help you to make better decisions on which events to attend.

Just got back from our first ChannelNEXT conference for 2019 and based on the feedback we got, it seems like we are on the right track in building the next generation in conferences. Last year, we started the transition of our 16 year old conference and this year we are rolling out the full experience! It’s still early days as we make the case to channel partners and vendors, but it is already resonating big.

At its core is the peer-to-peer mastermind collaboration. Why? Because sharing experience and expertise in a “managed” environment helps everyone to improve! This experience of solving big pain points in real-time is the gateway to the ultimate extreme business building academy called Elite 300 Mastermind. Once you experience it, there is no going back to the old ways!

Truly inspiring how our team jam-packed so much high-value educational content with fun social experiences into a two-day venue (full story and videos coming soon on eChannelNEWS). It was also awesome to see vendors delivering education instead of sales pitches! Given the opportunity, vendors can do so much more to help their partners grow business! Currently in discussions with several vendors and distributors about leveraging the Channel Partner Alliance to help their partners improve their business skills.

You are either working IN your business or ON your business. Of course, everyone has to work IN their business doing administrative, operational, selling, marketing and management activities, but strategic development is much more critical to growth and future-proofing. An event is one of the best places where you can work ON building your business strategy.

I wrote an article a couple years ago about events becoming the workplaces of the future. Well, we did not just talk the talk, we walked the walk by transforming our conference into this new workplace of the future. All events will eventually need to evolve from being traditional trade show formats, loaded with blatant sales pitches and where “expert” speakers are steering the audience towards buying something. Without open peer-to-peer sharing with professional guidance, events may not be delivering the best possible value to their audience.

Please take the survey now to tell us what you consider most when picking events to attend and we will send you the complete results as soon as the survey ends. Maybe this will help you to build a valuable check list when you consider attending any event in the future.