WebSurveyor Corporation, the leading provider of do-it-yourself online survey solutions, announced today new pricing for its survey hosting service, bulk email service, and software licenses. The streamlined pricing structure allows organizations of all sizes to conduct online surveys at any time while realizing significantly reduced costs.

“WebSurveyor has always been at the forefront in developing new features and functionality for its survey technology,” said Brian Koma, president of Stratagem Marketing. “Now WebSurveyor is extending its market leadership by introducing innovative pricing models that allow organizations of all sizes to more easily take advantage of this powerful solution.”

The price for survey hosting accounts has been reduced by as much as 50 percent for customers conducting more than one survey. WebSurveyor has also reduced the price of licensing the software, enabling a customer to choose the WebSurveyor hosting service or to self-host for the same price. In addition, customers can conduct bulk emails for the nominal annual fee of $500 rather than $0.05 per message.

“We’ve driven down the cost of online surveys so that everyone can take advantage of surveys to make better decisions about their business,” said WebSurveyor CEO Bruce Mancinelli. “Unlike other vendors that charge fees based on the number of surveys, respondents, or completed surveys, WebSurveyor’s upfront pricing allows decision-makers to conduct surveys without the fear of going over budget due to a high response rate.”

WebSurveyor has developed its reduced pricing plan in response to feedback from customers as well as from the market at large. The new pricing enables customers at every level to affordably collect feedback from their customers, prospects, and employees. By reducing the costs associated with conducting online surveys, WebSurveyor hopes to encourage its users to make surveys an integral part of their decision-making process.