The site will enable patients to
have a live, visual, medical examination with a licensed physician over the
Internet. Tayler emphasizes the benefit of this technology especially for
people who have trouble visiting a medical clinic in person because of
mobility issues, a lack of transportation, or a lack of medical facilities in
the area. “This is a significant improvement on the static, self-diagnosing
websites so prevalent on the Internet today,” says Tayler.

Marque Landells, Webcam MD’s director of media and public relations adds,
“Visits to hospital emergency rooms have increased significantly over the past
few years, in part by patients who seek emergency care for non-emergencies.
This trend has led to staggering wait times in emergency rooms across North
America. We anticipate that the instant online medical attention that Webcam
MD provides will reduce anxiety and concern about symptoms and, as a result,
reduce the burden placed on emergency rooms across North America.”

Webcam MD’s Chief Medical Advisor is Dr. Agostino Cervone, a
board-certified surgeon and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Peconic
Bay Medical Center in Riverhead, NY. Dr. Cervone first read about Webcam MD in
the New York Times and immediately recognized it’s potential. “This online
medical technology will be highly beneficial, for example to perform skin
cancer checkups and post surgical wound management,” says Dr. Cervone. “Webcam
MD uses a specialized high-resolution zoom lens to perform skin cancer
check-ups. The number of deaths due to skin cancer is rising among most
fair-skinned populations, and this new technology is a highly efficient way to
improve the chances of life-saving early detection.”

Rob Tayler and his team are currently working on a number of future
applications of this technology, such as Webcam MD Satellite, a live medical
service which will be used to benefit medically under serviced communities.
They are also in the process of preparing a live demonstration, scheduled for
Thursday, December 6th 2007, during which Dr. Cervone will perform a public,
online medical examination. Please check our website for further details.