On the road again! Check out my in-van chat with Herbert Cheung from WatchGuard and Noah Jacob from CyberPower on the Transistor The Van Tour. The squad have already made 20 stops and met about 700 people so far. Somewhere north of Thunder Bay is where we made contact with them. On their way to raise more money for this terrific cause, they stopped by the Terry Fox memorial. If you’d like, you can give at run.terryfox.ca/3044/page/15694. Check out all the updates on www.e-channelnews.com or follow the VAN at https://www.transistortechtour.ca The new Royal Aviation Museum in WINNIPEG is our next destination, and we’ll be there. Come join us for a couple of hours if you’re in the neighbourhood to network with your peers, check out some great vendors, eat lunch, and tour the museum for FREE!