Vertex Inc., the world’s leading provider of tax technology solutions, today introduced an online service for the leasing industry that enables companies to efficiently access taxability rules and rates specific to equipment and vehicle leasing.

Vertex Leasing Rates Online provides companies with real-time access to a comprehensive leasing-specific database that simplifies tax administration by incorporating all relevant tax parameters. Instead of relying on manual processes to garner tax data, companies that provide or acquire leased equipment or vehicles now have a single source to view the latest rules and rates from across the nation.

Businesses and organizations can evaluate the database for FREE through a 15-day online trial by contacting Vertex at 800-355-3500.

Vertex’s solutions enable organizations to reduce their tax burden by providing up-to-date leasing rate information that considers the multitude of possible variables in location, length of lease and type of equipment. Vertex consolidates this information from more than 7,500 separate state and local government entities that levy sales and use taxes.

“Companies that lease equipment or vehicles are challenged to understand the myriad of exceptions and conditions for tax rules,” says Gerry Hurley, VP of Marketing for Vertex. “Vertex simplifies tax data by allowing tax professionals to use a single graphical database that always stays current.”

“We designed Vertex Leasing Rates Online to address the challenges that leasing companies face when trying to research and maintain the taxability determinations at the state and local level,” says Stephanie Malin, Director of Corporate Market Strategy. “The up-to-date Vertex database enables organizations to keep current with the ever changing rate structures associated with the equipment and vehicle leasing industries.”

For more information about Vertex Leasing Rates Online and how it can be integrated into your business, contact a Vertex Sales Representative at 800-355-3500.