VersionTracker, the most up-to-date resource of software updates,
today announced the availability of VersionTracker Pro 3.0 for Mac OS
X. The Pro client software makes it easy to manage software updates
and downloads.

“The new Pro 3.0 software connects the power of the VersionTracker
database with your own computers,” said Kevin Shields, Director of
Product Marketing. “Built with Cocoa, the new client provides an
installed software Watch List, alerts you to new updates and provides
the convenience of a built-in Download Manager.”

The Pro 3.0 software does the work for you, by proactively
tracking, getting updates and providing technical information for the
software that you care about:

— OS X native application new user interface

— Download Manager allows multiple downloads with pause and
resume options

— Enhanced customization with a redesigned “update” ticker and
skip version feature

— Streamlined view of data with smart grouping to identify
multiple copies of applications

— Customizable toolbar, watch list, daily updates and search
results display

— Easy submission of products or feedback

The Pro 3.0 client comes bundled in the premium subscription
offering from TechTracker Inc., VersionTracker Pro. Yearly
subscription to VersionTracker Pro gets you:

— The VersionTracker Pro 3.0 client software that resides on
your computer

— Customized view of the website and database

— Access to all VersionTracker Plus features and much more

For more information on VersionTracker Pro you can visit us at