Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) announced it is teaming with Sygate
Technologies, the market leader in enterprise endpoint security solutions,
provide superior protection against software security threats targeted at
automated teller machines (ATMs).

With security becoming an increasing priority as ATMs migrate
to Windows(R) and TCP/IP networks, Sygate and Diebold are working together
ensure Diebold ATMs are equipped with the highest degree of protection against
misuse and malicious intent. Diebold will include Sygate Security Agent
software, which is based on the award-winning Sygate Personal Firewall, with
all new ATMs and offer to install Sygate agents on existing Windows-based ATMs
already deployed. Additionally, under the terms of the agreement, Diebold
will resell Sygate’s management servers and offer support to customers looking
to provide a comprehensive endpoint security across their ATM networks. “Diebold
has built its reputation on delivering world-class security
solutions, and is committed to offering its customers the strongest assurance
the ATMs that are so critical to their business are secure,” said Chuck
Somers, vice president, Global Software Development at Diebold. “We chose
partner with Sygate because of the high value its software delivers in
protecting the integrity of both the machine and the back-end ATM network,
coupled with its ability to provide a strategic defense against current and
future electronic threats.”

Diebold introduced the concept of a cash-dispensing ATM in 1966. By
contrast, many of today’s ATMs are multifunction devices that perform a
variety of tasks — some quite advanced. Diebold makes them all, from the
simple to the complex, and is one of the largest manufacturers of ATMs. Sygate
has secured two-thirds of the enterprise endpoint security market through its
ability to ensure any Sygate-protected network end-point – such as an ATM –
remains secure. This relationship highlights the strengths and expertise of
each company’s ability to work with a customer base of large, global
organizations with multi-faceted and complex security requirements.
“We are honored to partner with Diebold to protect such critical systems,
and view this union as a huge validation of our software’s ability to deliver
unprecedented endpoint protection,” said Bill Scull, senior vice president
Marketing, Sygate. “It also demonstrates the growing awareness of endpoint
security as it applies to both corporate and consumer vulnerability. Together,
Diebold and Sygate will offer a premium endpoint security solution that
provides customers with the utmost confidence that their financial
transactions through ATMs are secure.”

“ATMs are such a pervasive part of today’s society because the millions
people who use them, trust they can use them without putting their
confidential financial assets and information at risk,” said Pete Lindstrom,
principal analyst, Spire Security. “Most people can understand how network
security fuels business, but may not consider the role it can play in enabling
radical cultural and lifestyle shifts that extend well beyond the corporate
world. Alliances, such as Sygate and Diebold’s, are essential to deliver the
sophisticated security backbone necessary for people to take advantage of ATM
services, which today are more of a requirement then a convenience.” Diebold
ATMs will start shipping with the Sygate Security Agent, providing protection
proven effective against a wide variety of malware and hacking
techniques, before the end of 2003. Sygate Management Server will be available
to Diebold customers through Diebold. Field upgrades will be available early

A representative from Sygate will be in Diebold booth #2433 at BAI’s
Retail Delivery Conference & Expo, November 19-20, in New Orleans, to answer

About Diebold
Diebold, Incorporated is a global leader in providing integrated
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and is headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, USA. Diebold reported revenue of
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