VanDyke Software™, a leader in powerful and affordable Secure Shell solutions, today announced the official release of version 4.1 of its SecureCRT® secure remote access client and version 2.2 of its SecureFX® multi-protocol file transfer client. These releases offer increased integration between the client applications and advanced Kerberos authentication when connecting to a GSSAPI-enabled server like VanDyke’s VShell for Windows and UNIX. Using Kerberos authentication provides a single sign-on to the entire network that can now include secure remote access, secure file transfer, and secure data tunneling.

The two applications now use a shared host key database—once a server’s credentials have been accepted by one application, the other also recognizes it as a known host. This can reduce end-user confusion about accepting host keys and reduce support costs. The private key agent cache is also shared, eliminating the need to reenter a passphrase once a connection has been established by either application when using public-key authentication.

“These releases enable SecureCRT and SecureFX to work together better than ever,” said Maureen Jett, VanDyke’s Product Director for secure client applications. “The improved integration will help our customers to eliminate redundant steps when connecting and focus on getting their work done. The new support for Kerberos authentication continues our commitment to deliver the authentication options our enterprise customers need to standardize their network environments.”

Fully-functional evaluation copies of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and VShell can be downloaded from the company’s web site at Evaluators have full access to VanDyke’s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and use. VShell is available in three editions: Personal, Workgroup, or Enterprise and in Starter Kits which include client licenses for SecureCRT and SecureFX.