Calendar Updates today
announced the release of their TV Listings for Microsoft Outlook. With this
release, Microsoft Outlook users will have the ability to browse TV Listings
directly from within Outlook. Programs that viewers are interested in can
easily be added to their calendar with one click of the mouse. The TV
Listings are available to the public free of charge at

According to company spokesman, Greg Titamer, “We already provide many
popular sport schedules for the Microsoft Outlook calendar. With this new
product, fans can check for updated broadcast information without leaving

Besides the benefits for sports fans, the TV Listings will allow viewers
to browse all television shows in their area. “Whether you want the latest
broadcast information for a sporting event or just want to plan your evening
entertainment, this new service provides a convenient way to do that,” says
Mr. Titamer. The service is available in all areas of the United States and

The most notable feature of the Calendar Updates TV Listings is the
ability to add any television show directly to the Outlook calendar. As a
user browses the TV Listings, programs can be added to their calendar by
clicking a calendar icon in the grid. The program is then added to their
calendar with a convenient reminder.

Calendar Updates provides three formats for installing the TV Listings,
depending on the version of Outlook used. The TV Listings are available for
Outlook 2003, Outlook XP (2002) and Outlook 2000. Non-Outlook users are also
welcome to use the service via the Internet. Any calendaring application that
supports the vCalendar format can benefit from the Add to Calendar feature.