Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Solutions Division today announced the availability of Toshiba Strata® CS Release 6.0, a software update that provides increased flexibility, call handling features, and improved intuitiveness for its popular Strata CS, an all-in-one communications server. Uniting voice telephony, voice mail, and call center features into a single system, the Strata CS supports up to 192 trunks by 480 stations telephones. Strata CS may also be configured with Voice over IP (VoIP) stations and trunks, delivering the benefits of an IP-based solution.

“Toshiba’s Strata CS gives small to medium-sized enterprises a powerful turnkey communication solution unifying all of their business communications, while delivering enhanced productivity and customer service capabilities,” said Michael E. Durance, vice president and general manager of TAIS DSD. “With Release 6.0, users now have more flexibility than ever before, including the ability for any remote phone, even a cell phone, to interoperate with the Strata CS client, Viewpoint, and become a station on the Strata CS system.”

New features now available with the Strata CS 6.0 upgrade include:

Any Remote Telephone Can Become a Strata CS Station</p.

With Strata CS 6.0, external stations now allow any remote telephone, including any IP phone, cell phone, home phone, etc., to become a Strata CS station when assigned by the Administrator. With an external station, remote telephones work with the Call Monitor and support Strata CS station features, including hands-free mode and call waiting.

Allows Simultaneous External Ringing Destinations

Strata CS 6.0 now offers simultaneously ringing external numbers in queues and workgroups, including simultaneously ringing external Voice-over-IP phones. This allows groups to receive and answer calls more efficiently.

Busy Greeting Options Expanded

Strata CS Routing Lists have been enhanced to allow users to handle busy station calls differently when a user is on the phone versus away from the desk. For example, the user’s voice mail can play an “I’m on the phone greeting” when the station is busy, and it can play the user’s regular voice mail greeting when there is no answer.

Play Any Greeting or Voicemail Into the Current Call

Users can play any greeting or voice message into a call using the Call Monitor’s Insert Audio command or the Voice Message and Greetings View’s Play Audio Into Call command. This can be useful to review a voice message with a caller, play repetitive “hello” greetings, or provide answers to commonly asked questions, such as directions.

Users Can Monitor, Coach, or Join a Non-ACD Call

With proper permission, users can now monitor, coach, and join other users’ regular calls using the Actions > Supervise command in the Extensions view or pane. To use this feature, users must have permission to monitor, coach or join other users’ calls, and the target user must be configured to allow being monitored, coached, or joined.

Auto Archive Recordings and Playback With Archive Player Browser

Automatically archive any user’s recordings and voice messages to save hard drive space. Users can archive specific folders of selected users either manually or automatically on a periodic basis to WAV or VOX format. They can then access archived messages using the new Strata CS Archived Recording Browser, which allows users to manage, listen, and see call details of archived messages.

Original Strata CS Features Remain In Force

In addition to the new features in Strata CS 6.0, the system still includes all of its previous features and functionality, including:

* Ability to mix-and-match digital, analog, and IP telephones on a single system

* Web Client that supports most Client views

* Extensive Call Center features and reporting capabilities

* Remote System Administration with unified installer program, IVR, and IP capabilities

* Extensive Call Handling including follow-me feature and custom outgoing greetings based on Caller ID

* Automatic Call Recording for inbound and outbound calls

System Requirements

Toshiba Strata CS is an advanced voice-based communications server turnkey solution that includes the Strata CS 6.0 application software and dedicated Windows 2000 server to provide a complete business communication system. Viewpoint, the optional client interface software, is compatible with any PC running Windows 98, 2000, NT, or XP.


Strata CS Version 6.0 is now available and shipping with all new Strata CS systems. Release 6.0 upgrade licenses are available, at a reduced price, for users of Strata CS 5.x and 4.x systems. To find an Authorized Toshiba Dealer in your area, visit the Toshiba website at