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Every business and consumer are potential victims of hackers regardless of who they are, what they do and where they live. Hackers are trolling the Internet 365 days a year probing networks and devices to force their way in. If you just set your security perimeter and forget it, then you are most likely “an intrusion waiting to happen”. How can people defend themselves from cyber attacks? How can MSPs help clients to protect their businesses?

It probably takes a Security Operating Center.

Sure anyone can stand up some protection with the various tools that are available on the market. Some are not difficult to deploy. Unfortunately there is not just one piece of technology that will save the day. It will take multiple layers of technologies and experts to monitor 24/7. The key is finding the right mix of solutions that will have a very strong level of defence and back that up with a team of experts monitoring your system 24/7.

If you look at typical movies where bad guys are breaking into some highly secure facility, you will notice all of the various types of intrusion detection systems that are deployed, yet there is always security guards patrolling and monitoring video just in case the bad guys were able to bypass the systems. Having people monitoring is the last line of defence. They are the ones who can sound the alarm, lock down the perimeter and call in the troops whenever a breach occurs. Sometimes, it does not matter how sophisticated your security protection is, the bad guys can still find a way to your jewels.

SOC’s such as Overwatch, work with some of the best security breach detection and prevention vendors to protect companies and their networks. They also have a well-trained team of cyber security experts who monitor the defence systems for intrusions 24/7. If everything fails, humans will still be there to take real-time action to lock down the network and prevent a disaster.

SOCs have to be constantly reviewing the latest threats and augmenting their security posture to protect their clients 365 days a year. SOCs have to be right 100% of the time and the bad actors only have to be right once. It’s this fear and reality that SOCs live in every day that drives them to constantly be thinking ahead and adding new layers of protection. To be successful in protecting the end-customers, they need to always be several steps ahead of the hackers.

You are invited to The Future of Managed Cybersecurity is Now Virtual Summit on June 16. See what a SOC like Overwatch does to protect you. Meet their team and vendor partners. Ask questions.

It’s very important to know who you hire to protect your business and how good they really are.


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Here are some brief video clips from some of the experts that will be presenting at the virtual summit. Get to know them and bring your questions.


Straight Talk About the State of Cybersecurity

Robert Bigman, Former CISO for the CIA and President of 2BSecure

Don’t miss this candid Q&A revealing the naked truth about the state of cybersecurity today as High Wire’s CTO David Barton interviews one of the  country’s foremost experts in information security. Bigman spent 25 years  protecting the nation’s most sensitive secrets and classified computer systems and  networks as CISO for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Speaker: Mark Porter  President and CEO Overwatch by High Wire Networks

Speakers: Brian Stoner, VP Service Providers Stellar Cyber, Philip Burnett CISO Overwatch by High Wire Networks

Speakers: Stacie Corcoran  Global Channel Leader ExtraHop, Joe Barnas Channel Sales Manager, Security Overwatch by High Wire Networks

Speakers: David Dwyer,  Director of Strategic Alliances – MSP, Automox, Travis Ray Director Channel Sales Overwatch by High Wire Networks

Speakers: Michael Roth, CEO EVO Security, Travis Ray Director Channel Sales Overwatch by High Wire Networks

Speakers: Cy Sturdivant, Director, BKD Cyber, David Barton CTO Overwatch by High Wire Networks