Chatted with CEO of Snap Accounts Payable Corporation offering MSPs a piece of the 110 Trillion opportunity in supply chain procurement and payment management. Dig into this and you will see that it’s a perfect add-on for big business. VP Sales with a security solution for NetApp users. Spoke to SVP Cloud Services For MSPs and VP of Deep Instinct about what looks like an awesome prevention solution to cyber attacks. Check out the 5 short clips I did with the team at High Wire Networks (Overwatch) SOC for their upcoming Managed Cyber Security event on June 16 featuring CEO Mark Porter, and the teams at ExtraHop, Automox, Evo Security, On top of that, we are doing our Cyber Security event featuring 2 SOCs and a live hacking demonstration THIS week Wednesday May 19 See for details/register. Also we un-gated an awesome session from Paul Furtado at Gartner on AI – Help or Hinderance. Hope I see you virtually on Managed Cyber Security event to get the inside scoop!