Tarantella, Inc. today announced that Tarantella Secure Global Desktop Terminal Services Edition (TSE) 4 software, the ultimate companion to Windows Terminal Services, is shipping. Initially announced on July 20, 2004, Secure Global Desktop TSE 4 features important enhancements in the areas of security, support for cross-platform clients, printing, low-bandwidth performance and system administration capabilities.

Leveraging its expertise in developing secure application access software, Tarantella has added the following capabilities to Secure Global Desktop TSE 4:/p>

—Certificate-based server authentication, ticketing, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and tunneling of all RDP and IFS traffic. Users of Microsoft Windows Terminal Server can now rely on additional, powerful security measures to securely access their mission-critical applications from either their local intranet or via the public Internet.

—Smart DMZ attitude and efficient firewall navigation. Secure Global Desktop TSE 4 now features a DMZ-friendly configuration of its relay server, which reduces the requirements for open ports on the inner and outer firewall to a single, configurable port.

—Broad, cross-platform RDP client support. Now TSE 4 offers built-in support for a wide range of client devices, including a broader range of Windows-based terminals, Linux clients and Macintosh® computers to access applications on Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers via RDP.

—Superior printing and low-bandwidth capabilities. Secure Global Desktop TSE 4 provides Windows Terminal Server users with an improved printing and application performance experience. The enhancements include printer and IFS data compression, printing bandwidth throttling for much better application performance during large print jobs, upgraded printer driver management to accommodate a much wider range of printers and printer drivers specific to the operating system on the application server.

—Additional monitoring, reporting and system administration capabilities. Secure Global Desktop TSE 4 further increases the ease of administration of Terminal Server installations by automating certain common administration tasks, and by providing the administrator with additional connection-and client-group-specific monitoring and reports—all accessible from the web-based management console.

Secure Global Desktop TSE 4 licenses are available for free with the purchase of a two-year maintenance agreement for only $59.95 per user. TSE 4 is available for download immediately and the maintenance agreement may be purchased via any authorized Tarantella reseller or through Tarantella’s online webstore at www.tarantella.com.

Secure Global Desktop TSE is paired with Secure Global Desktop Enterprise Edition (EE), to fill out the Tarantella Secure Global Desktop family of products. The Secure Global Desktop is the only secure application access product family that meets all of the needs of today’s agile enterprise, from Microsoft-only IT infrastructures to heterogeneous environments that also include Linux, UNIX, IBM 3xxx and AS/400. With native support for standards such as Java, LDAP, SSL/SSH, X11 and RDP, the Secure Global Desktop family is the platform of choice for supporting secure access to the widest range of applications from the largest assortment of devices.