TalkSwitch(R) announced availability of a new system designed for businesses with up to 4 telephone users; the largest, most underserved market segment in North America.

The 244vs telephone system is the latest addition to the TalkSwitch line of hybrid IP/PSTN PBXs, and is the most affordable hybrid telephone system on the market. It accommodates 2 incoming phone company (CO) lines, offers 4 local extensions, and supports 4 VoIP trunks. The system is networkable with other TalkSwitch systems for easy expansion so that it grows with a customer’s business.

“The 244vs is an exciting new addition to our product line,” said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, TalkSwitch. “Companies with fewer than 10 employees account for the vast majority of business in North America. The 244vs gives those companies rich features, a professional image and the opportunity to use VoIP at a price that has never been available until now. With the ability to configure extensions as analog or IP, to expand the system as needed, and to customize the way calls are handled, the 244vs gives companies unprecedented control over their telecommunications.”

For businesses looking to enhance their image and refine the way they operate, the 244vs offers a full set of call handling features designed specifically for the way small businesses work. It’s designed for easy installation, easy management, and easy expansion. And like all hybrid TalkSwitch systems, it allows customers to use VoIP while retaining connections to the traditional telephone network.

“The 244vs is a product we’ve been eagerly awaiting,” said Brian Gatza, President of TCE Company, a Platinum-level TalkSwitch reseller partner. “Our clients want a product that gives them great performance and great flexibility, two things at which TalkSwitch has always excelled. But they also want a system that gives them the ability to move into VoIP without a large price jump. The 244vs from TalkSwitch is that system.”

In addition to the 244vs, TalkSwitch has released new upgrade boards that deliver the simplest, most cost-effective path to growth that TalkSwitch has ever offered. Now customers and resellers have more options when creating a custom TalkSwitch telephone system.

Each individual TalkSwitch unit can be upgraded to a maximum size of 4 CO lines, 4 VoIP trunks and 8 local extensions. Up to 4 units can be networked together for a maximum system size of 16 CO lines, 16 VoIP trunks and 32 extensions – which can be configured as analog or IP.

Now even the smallest businesses can start with an affordable, full-featured hybrid system and grow incrementally while protecting their investment along the way.

Like all TalkSwitch telephone systems, the 244vs is available through authorized TalkSwitch resellers, or directly from The 244vs is priced at $995USD.