Excel Software has streamlined product editions and cut prices by 50% on its Mac OS 9 products for system analysts and software developers. These are mature products with no major releases planned. Free technical support and maintenance releases will be available through 2005. Customers can upgrade to a Mac OS X edition in the future for just the difference in cost.

* MacA&D Standard OS9 at $247 includes data flow diagrams, data models and UML style class diagrams. It supports integrated code, browse and specification documents and a data dictionary. Multi-level data flow diagrams with integrated text specifications show the flow and transformation of data in a system.

* MacA&D Developer OS9 at $997 is a comprehensive tool for structured analysis and design, UML and data modeling. It has diagram editors for process models, data models, class models, state models, object models, structure models and task models. Models show different views of the software system integrated through a global data dictionary. The tool provides requirements management, scriptable reports, design verification reports and text import/export features.

* QuickCRC OS9 at $147 automates CRC cards for identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations between objects in an object-oriented design. Scenarios in the design can be identified and simulated. Complex designs can be partitioned into multiple diagrams with a Contents view for easy navigation. The inheritance graph instantly shows the design’s class structure.

* MacTranslator OS9 at $247 is a reengineering tool for generating models from source code. Used in conjunction with MacA&D, it creates structure charts from C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran, UML class diagrams from C++, Object Pascal or Java and data models from SQL. Large designs are automatically organized into multiple diagram levels with diagram objects linked back to the source code. MacTranslator works with the OS9 or OSX editions of MacA&D.

These products run on a Mac OS 9 computer or on Mac OS X in Classic mode. Each product includes tutorials, sample projects, printed manuals and PDF manuals on CD. See www.excelsoftware.com for site license information, product descriptions and online ordering. Free trial editions are available for download.