Today Serious Magic, Inc.(TM) gives a technology preview of Ovation™, companion software for Microsoft® PowerPoint® that automatically and instantly transforms PowerPoint slides into highly-polished, professional presentations. Based on a powerful new visualization engine, Ovation offers two key benefits; it dramatically improves presentations and then it helps presenters deliver them better.

“Ovation re-imagines flat, lifeless PowerPoint slides into rich, compelling presentations that have the polished look of a network TV broadcast,” says Mark Randall, president and CEO of Serious Magic. “Then Ovation helps presenters deliver that presentation better with a teleprompter to stay on-point and a unique on-screen TimeKeeper to stay on pace.”

Upgrading an existing PowerPoint presentation is as easy as dropping a PowerPoint file into Ovation and selecting a theme from the included library. Each theme features high-resolution text, eye-pleasing color treatments, dynamic transitions, subtly moving foreground elements and motion backgrounds. Presentations can start with a stylish animated Welcome sequence to greet the audience as they enter the room. During breaks, Ovation’s intermission mode displays an eye-catching thematic animation complete with a countdown to the end of the break. A powerful closing animation ensures an organization’s brand or key point is memorable long after the presentation is over.

To help users become a better presenter, Ovation offers Presentation Assist, a teleprompter/note card feature that allows users to view a script or an outline that scrolls alongside their presentation ensuring no key points are missed. Using a laptop’s external output feature, audiences see the full- screen presentation on a video projector or monitor while only the presenter sees the Presentation Assist interface. Ovation’s TimeKeeper™ warns if the current pace puts the presentation in jeopardy of going into overtime, while the Deeper™ feature enables users to attach a hidden, optional slide, graphic or picture to each bullet so they’re always prepared to add more in- depth information if prompted by a question from the audience.

Summer ‘05. MSRP: $99.95