Sejent Corporation, an innovator in Internet communications technology, celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of their flagship product, LagBuster. LagBuster establishes an industry-first standard for technology that eliminates the network lag commonly experienced when playing online multi-player games for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and personal computer systems.

LagBuster automatically identifies and uniquely prioritizes game Internet traffic on the home network using individual game signatures. LagBuster measures game traffic flow and adjusts game traffic bandwidth allocation with no slow down, resulting in a lag-free experience.

“The response from our customers has been extremely positive,” said Edward DeWath, Chief Operating Officer of Sejent Corporation. Frederick Sanders, one of Sejent’s customers said, “The LagBuster is singly the best investment I’ve made for my online gaming. I do not lag! I repeat, I do not lag! This product does exactly what is says it will do. I’ve tried to purposely make myself lag by downloading a bunch of stuff while gaming but the LagBuster is just too good. It’s very easy to use and once you’ve experienced the joy of playing lag-free there is absolutely no way you can go back. People, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

“Many people still believe that increasing their Internet speed gets rid of game lag. Unfortunately, that expensive monthly solution doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of ‘bufferbloat’ in their home router or modem, which actually slows down packets and causes the painful game delays,” said DeWath.

“We have taken a radically new approach in our product,” said Loc T. Le, Chief Technology Officer, Sejent Corporation. “The advanced technology in the LagBuster enables it to continually measure instantaneous Internet bandwidth and dynamically manage a gamer’s traffic so there is zero lag disruption to online games. Plus, the new technology enables crystal clear sound so gamers can hear each other perfectly throughout the game,” according to Le.

“I hate gaming away from home because of the extreme difference in gameplay. LagBuster makes every push of the button and move of the joystick a precise instantaneous motion that can turn an above average player into a killing machine. Two thumbs up to LagBuster and Sejent Corporation,” said Elvis West, Jr., another Sejent customer.